NDC Dome-Kwabenya: The Face Behind The Veil

Sat, 27 Oct 2012 Source: Okine, Naa Adjeley

With the season of the political campaign at its zenith, it behooves on all of us to deem it fit to probe, analyze and scrutinize every situation or person that comes our way dazzling and tempting. I would here also refer to the old adage that "not all that glitter is gold".

A little effort to probe beyond the veil may result in the shocking revelation or exposure of a repulsive face of a dare devil whose only agenda and inordinate desire is to seek his or her parochial and selfish interest to the detriment of the larger society.

Having critically followed the behavior and modus operandi of Zita Okaikoi in the Dome-Kwabenya constituency, I have no shred of doubt in my mind that she exemplifies the description above. Her conniving behavior is premised on deceit, chicanery and money to hoodwink unsuspecting members and her cohorts to create and promote disunity and worse of all to grossly undermine the NDC Parliamentary candidate Madam Sophia Ackuaku who defeated her in the primaries.

A couple of months ago, I read an interesting article by one Julian Eshun entitled "NDC Leadership’s Obsession with Zita", the author chronicled numerous undeserved opportunities given to Ms Zita; all of which she blew and subsequently was removed as Minister of Information and sacked as Minister of Tourism, yet most of the party’s big men are so fixated on her and will even ruin our collective fortune as a party just to satisfy Zita's insatiable quest for self-aggrandizement.

Currently, the sacked minister has become the most visible politician in the media. Every time you turn on your TV she's on, in the newspapers, she has become more vocal than any of the candidates who are actually contesting elections – WHY?? She is giving the impression that she has brokered peace in Dome-Kwabenya, and that she is campaigning tirelessly for President Mahama and Madam Sophia. In my honest opinion, anybody who believes for a second that Zita wants Sophia to win the seat needs his or her head examined.

Zita should do well to tell the whole world what kind of diabolic alliance exists between her and the NPP Parliamentary candidate Adwoa Safo – Holy or unholy?? Will she do us all a favour and tell us when she last spoke to our candidate Madam Sophia? The person she is supposed to be campaigning for. A simple reminder, Madam Zita, you have never, ever won an election at any level, so you can’t claim to be teaching us how to win an election.

My free and timely advice to Zita Okaikoi and all those under her spell is that her penchant for undeserved praise and recognition based on outright lies is a veritable catalyst to the mounting rage of most concerned diehard NDC members to react appropriately.

Long Live Akatamansonians Long Live J.M. EDEY BE K3K3

Naa Adjeley Okine - Kwabenya

Columnist: Okine, Naa Adjeley