Influencing People with Bribes Won't Save President Mahama

Thu, 4 Apr 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Shifting the Goal Posts & Influencing People with Bribes Won't Save President Mahama

The obstinate President who is full of himself but empty on issues is doomed. President Mahama, as hollow on issues and policies as he is, still believes in governing the country through propaganda. Instead of availing himself of the opportunity extended to him by Rockson, that wise man from Kumawu/Asiampa, to drink from his never ceasing, but overflowing fountain of wisdom, he rather prefers to dwell in his ignorant ways of doing things. He believes in, and prefers propaganda as both the magic wand and the abracadabra to, resolving the insurmountable problems his incompetence and lack of managerial capabilities have ominously brought to bear upon the nation and the good people of Ghana.

Blinded by what one may term as inferiority complex, and in an attempt to rid him of it, he has miserably allowed his better side to be taken by tribalism. This is evidently seen in the appointments of Government Ministers, Government Deputy Ministers and all other government appointees he has made so far. Thinking Rome was built in a day contrary to the fact that it wasn't, he seeks to uplift his tribesmen, develop the regions of his birth, at the crack of the finger, by filling his team F government with people from the North. I would not be against his selections if his appointees were that qualified, but sadly, they are not. Most of them are simply square pegs in round holes that double as thieves.

This President is not serious but a complete joker. He can only develop the country and especially, bring the Northern part on a par with the Southern side through serious rethinking of his policies. He has to appointment people based on competence and experiential merit but not on "whom you know", tribalism, and purely the desire to create job for the boys. He has to eschew corruption himself and be seen to seriously practically exterminate corruption from his party and government else, all his efforts to uplift a section of Ghana above others will be just an attempt in the void.

President Mahama has since assumed the presidency directed the sidelining of the Akans, especially the Ashantis, from top positions in the army and the police or the security forces. He is vigorously continuing and pursuing that nonsensical policy of making redundant, pushing aside, and not employing, Ashantis, as implemented by the late President Mills. With such unknowledgeable and politically immature persons at the helm of affairs, how would Ghana develop?

Barely a few days ago, the newly appointed Acting Inspector General of Police, a northerner of course, has been making changes in the police force. He has been reshuffling; promoting his tribesmen to occupy almost all the departmental head positions in the force. This absolutely nonsensical strategy will not save President Mahama if truly; he did rig the election 2012. He can arrange to make every NDC Northerner or NDC Voltarian a Government Minister, it will never remove the headache is suffering at the moment, rigging election 2012, and also belonging in the NDC CLIMB family. What is the acronym CLIMB? Refer to my previous but recent publications on Ghanaweb.com, modernghana.com and spyghana.com for the answer.

Reshuffling the positions and head personnel within the forces simply amounts to shifting the goal posts; it will not solve any problem. If the players and the goalkeeper are not good, no amount of changing the positions they play will yield any winning results. The value is still the same, thus, defeat.

What about bribing the top brass of the forces? The value is still the same; it won't add any flavour to the broth. He can keep on bribing them; they will not be able to make things work for him if God and the good people of Ghana decide differently. And God, and the good people of Ghana have decided that Mahama MUST GO as he did not truly win the election, and resultantly, has not wherewithal to govern the country. He is clueless, making a mess of every opportunity that comes his way.

Instead of governing the nation wisely, using the money equitably, he chose to mess up the situation. He decided to use the nation's money to finance his political campaign, distributing the money among vociferous NDC propagandists, purchasing voter cards from among the NPP supporters, buying 4x4 cars to give to female University students and chiefs across the nation and bribing whoever needed to be bribed. Is this the way forward to running a nation? In less than no time, he had run the nation aground; no money to pay civil servants hence, the shameful obligation to hike petroleum and utility bills in an attempt to raise fast buck.

Do I needlessly have to worry about President Mahama, a person mired in ignorance and obstinacy? "Obstinacy is the cause of the horns of the hornbill", he should note. He is living in another planet where I think, ignorance is bliss. Until he descends from the stolen horse he is riding, he will continue to make unprecedented cock-up. All the efforts he expends getting the NDC radio phone-in serial callers to do the dirty work of throwing dust in the eyes of discerning Ghanaians will not work any more. Their propaganda has outlived its importance as majority of Ghanaians have now grown up wiser.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

I thank God that Dr. Kwabena Duffour, the recent past Finance and Economic Planning Minister has left the NDC government after coming to the realisation that the longer he stays in government with them, the more his reputation tarnishes beyond redemption. He had joined them in the hope of rendering unqualified service to his nation, being of service to his nation. Little did he know he was going in bed with flea-infested dogs? The adage goes, "He who lies down with dogs, rises with fleas". He has actually left with fleas all over his body, from head to toe. Woyomegate scandal has blemished him but not beyond repair. I will help him get rid of the fleas by using informative truth as the effective weapon to fighting pests. His hands are clean as far as I am aware of. Nevertheless, he made the administrative judgmental error of not resigning earlier when he discovered the NDC to be a bunch of crooks and thieves but hanged around longer with them.

All that the Atta Mills/John Mahama and John Mahama/Arthur-Amissah NDC-led governments know and understand is corruption but nothing else. They are ransacking the coffers of the country, turning the money boxes upside down in case there is a pesewa sticking stubbornly in a corner, not dropping. They want to embezzle any pesewa they come across. My heart weeps for Ghana. I only take consolation in the fact that God has already activated the evacuation button to get the NDC out of power.


Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson