My prayer for Ghana to lose so Akufo Addo doesn't waste money on Black Stars

Ghana Black Stars 2021 Ghana drew against Nigeria in a crucial World Cup qualifier

Sat, 26 Mar 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Wonders will never end they say. Like all the African countries, Ghanaians love football because the country, apart from being famous for cocoa and gold production in Africa, Ghana is also known as a great nation in soccer.

The national team, Black Stars, has made the country proud in the past, therefore, Ghana is known as a great soccer nation.

At times, what you may hear can baffle you a lot, since it doesn’t make sense to you but that is someone’s wish to happen, even if that will affect a whole country.

Who thought a Ghanaian will be praying for Ghana to lose a match with Nigeria when the entire country is behind the Ghana Black Stars?

The America-Ghanaian-based anti-Ghanaian government social media critic, Twene Jonas, has gained thousands of followers through subscription.

He has promised each fan to send him a message in which your name will be mentioned and your message delivered to the Ghanaian government or a politician, to improve the lives of the people suffering.

Shockingly, a particular message I wasn’t expecting about the 2022 World Cup playoffs, which Ghana and Nigeria were about to play at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium, was sent by one of the fans to Twene Jonas. According to him, he wants Ghana to be defeated by Nigeria.

The reason behind his request is that will prevent the Ghanaian president, Nana Akufo Addo, from wasting Ghana’s money on the players.

It may be likely that this young Ghanaian fan of Twene Jonas knows that any time Ghanaian footballers win an international tournament, a lot of money is spent on them.

Perhaps, taking into consideration the current high rate of unemployment in the country, while the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta claims the country has broke, it may be wise if the president avoids spending or wasting money on the footballers if they win the match.

Anyway, it was a goalless draw at the end of the match. The second match between the Ghana Black Stars and the Nigeria Super Eagles, which will determine the qualifier for the World Cup, will be played in Abuja, Nigeria on Tuesday, March 29.

I wish the president, Nana Akufo Addo, will consider the request of this concerned Ghanaian by not wasting any money on the players if the national team wins the match because Ghana is broke.

Columnist: Joel Savage
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