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NDC Are Scared

"Non-violence is a weapon of the strong"------Mahatma Ghandi

Baba Jamal, the Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on "Kookrokoo" Morning show of Thursday, 13/09/07, presented by Peace FM radio, has once more unveiled the dreaded true colours of the NDC. He has threatened the whole country with mayhem should the NDC fail to win back power in the 2008 elections, if the reason was traced to the NPP rigging the elections. He further vows to bombard Ghana with a hail of brimstone to destroy it beyond recognition. What a statement, made with authority to make most Ghanaians shudder except the bunch of their malfeasants, attention-seeking proponents who as usual, have the right to give, and the right to take life according as they wish, acting on the spur of the moment. How truly and perfect does the adage, "he who is obsessed with slicing throats is always scared lying on their back" apply to the NDC that resorted to foul means to cling on to power, annihilating as many credible opponents deemed as their enemies, as they could.

I am really taken aback by the untoward actions of Baba Jamal, a Ghanaian-standard professional lawyer, a purported seasoned politician of the typical Ghanaian calibre indeed. It is amazing how shallow-minded this guy is. Though two wrongs never make a right, I will beg to square up to the vaunting of these scumbags who are roaming the streets of Ghana beating their chests like chimps, thinking all power belongs to them. Why should Ghanaians continue to live in fear of these NDC cowboys who in their village boy's showmanship of audacity, think Ghana belongs to them and that they hold Ghana in their palm like a delicate egg to be crushed at any least provocation and at their choosing? Are they not playing God here?

There are numerous instances where NDC party stalwarts with Mr. Daniel Ohene Agyekum, their Ashanti Regional Chairman inclusive, gone haywire issuing threats of Ghana's destruction should they not win the next general elections scheduled for December 2008. There is no difference in attitude of these mendacious political myopes and a village boy who is getting too big for their shoes. Are they not mental, one may enquire or else, why this constant doting on political violence? Is violence their preferable staple feed? Though the AFRC/PNDC/NDC in their metamorphosed stages still have their trade mark as VIOLENCE, the world is getting too civilized to accommodate that nonsense from capricious third world "good for nothing" thieving political non-starters of whom the NDC have enviable accolades and distinction.

It should be noted that if you call for the destruction of your nation while you are staying put, you will equally be consumed by the called for destructive fire. They shouldn't think to exercise that silly Ghanaian smartness where they will move their families out of the country and decide to escape when the country is set ablaze as wished. These nauseating faggots think they are born to rule but not ruled. I am sick and tired of the daily exhibition of political immaturity by our fellow Ghanaian politicians of whom the NDC are conspicuous in daftness, spewing baloney on each breathe.

The NDC, already aware of losing elections as long as the skeletal shadow of Rawlings keeps haunting Ghanaians, and Professor Evans Atta Mills not a man of himself but under the suffocating thumb of JJ Rawlings, think to mimic their Godfather to deprive every Ghanaian of their birthright. To these selfish perpetrators of crime, if they can't have their comfort and power, then no-one else should enjoy those benefits. Shame on them! Don't they need psychiatrists to attend them as their brains may be somehow messed up by the intensity of the sun giving rise to their treacherous loose talk?

Anyway, I am against vote rigging in all their forms and shapes. The NPP should please not let it pass in their mind for a second about any ploys to alter the results of any elections for whatever reason. Furthermore, the abuse of position where most of the MPs, and some Ministers have become visa contractors, embezzling public funds, womanising and helping their girlfriends out of the country to the Whiteman's land at the public expense, should cease forthright.

The NPP are woefully not the saints Ghana had expected to replace the devilish NDC. They have equally let the country down through their lack of foresight exacerbated by the distractions of the Luciferian NDC, coupled with their obvious corrupt tendencies. But the secret weapon of holding the NDC at bay lies in the NPP showing them love as suggested by Mahatma Ghandi and I quote, " "whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love" The NDC are advised as following, be the change you want to see in Ghana and stop the bad-mouthing or else, you will continue to lose elections no matter the odds. Ghanaians will forever quench your appetite for power and blood with their thumb as long as you continue to pride yourselves on violence.

Has Ghana then any future? Yes, with the right people in government, all will be well.

Rockson Adofo, London

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson