Opinions Wed, 6 Jan 2010

NDC: Attah Mills Brothers Putting Up Luxury Houses

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, The Attah Mills administration has now brought a law professor into the justice department to help prosecutors begin to assemble cases against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration and against former ministers for stealing from the state or causing financial losses to the state.

However, Attah Mills should first look himself in the mirror for creating a system of nepotism in the government to enable his brothers to become affluent within just one year of his National Democratic congress Party (NDC) coming to office. This NDC organization has tendencies of playing the politics of nepotism. During Jerry John Rawlings era of (P)NDC he also sold the state fishing boats for his own mother, at Tema, without the mother-paying a penny to the state. These NDC members think they have a way to play political gimmicks against the NPP and Ghanaians and get off Scott free but not in this era. Many Ghanaians are no familiar with the situation of Attah Mills brothers. Some had PhD’s in economics while they lived in United State of America for a every long time. They could not put up a single room or build a single house for themselves but since their brother became the president of our nation, they have now seized the opportunity to put up mansions in just the single year their brother has been in office. This is unacceptable from Mills and his NDC members who often hypocritically criticized the NPP government of corruption and other criminal acts.

Attah Mills and his brothers should not think that only hard-core NDC members will be furious at them. Every Ghanaian should be enraged at the nepotism and dubious behavior they have exhibited in the eyes of Ghanaian. Mills and his NDC administration should practice what he preaches to the nation. If he claims that he is a faithful Christian then he should act according to true Christian principles. Attah Mills promised Ghanaians during his swearing of the oath of office that he would eradicate corruption but now it’s worse than before. But now the disconnection between what Attah Mills says and what he does is so glaring that Ghanaians should not trust him and his NDC.

When the NDC propaganda machine accuses the NPP of corruption, they create a fear factor that eclipses judgment in such sentiments and play’s a reasonable advantage for the NDC in 2008 general election with some Ghanaian media. Then again if NDC uses tribal and corruption hostility it does not pursue any less acrimonious path with some Ghanaians but it has a highly negative, cynical impact on the NPP. Now Ghanaians are waiting on NPP in how they are going to respond to these intolerant and impermissible actions from the NDC administration. These NDC administrations are funny. They think they have hegemonic powers to prosecute the NPP members. We all are waiting to see the out come of their prosecutions.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)
Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi