Opinions Sat, 29 Sep 2012

NDC Pledge

I promise on my honour to be faithful and sincere to the course of the NDC

Both to defend and uphold the perpetuation of crimes

To seek to connive and condone with swindlers to dupe Ghana

To silence all those that attempt to expose NDC shoddy deals

I promise to be bold in lying to the uninformed Ghanaian public

By registering as a rented person and pressman on NDC payroll

To go on air as a radio phone-in serial caller

To throw dust-laden information into people's eyes, ears and nose

I promise on my life to tell people the President has purchased me a cow when

indeed, it is a goat.

That the President can magically raise his hand over deluged river for it to recede

into her banks when indeed, he hallucinates upon sighting flooded river from a


That the President is honest and sincere when indeed, he is an insatiably greedy


That all those surrounding the President are Saints when indeed, they are devil


I promise to lie to Ghanaians that the NDC government has completed the Eastern and

Western Corridor roads.

That the NDC government has removed 3,500 schools from under trees

That the NDC government has constructed more than needed schools but at bloated cost


I promise never to tell Ghanaians that the NDC connived with Carl Wilson to steal

cars from the harbours.

That Alex Segbefia facilitated the daylight robbery Carl Wilson inflicted on

Ghanaian car importers.

That the cars Carl Wilson impounded were shared among NDC gurus, party activists and


That Alex Segbefia took money from his girlfriend and promised her one of the seized

luxury cars but failed to fulfil his promise to her.

I promise to canvass the NDC foot soldiers to vote NDC and President Mahama

I promise not to tell them NDC will ditch them once we win to let them pay for their

stupidity for voting NDC.

I promise to tell them the judgment debt payment is a means to enrich the NDC

I promise to ask all NDC faithful to worship Alex Agbesi Woyome, the chief thief of

the Century.

I promise on my life not to vote the NDC and President Mills myself because they are


Because they are visionless

Because they cannot manage the affairs of the country

Because they approach individuals, companies, and advise them to put in claims for

fraudulent judgment debt payment.

I promise not to tell Ghanaians to embrace Nana Akuffo-Addo's free SHS education

Because if I do, as good and feasible as it is, it will let people vote out the NDC

and bring in the NPP.

I promise not to tell Ghanaians that the NDC have no policies in place to help Ghana.

I promise not to tell Ghanaians that the NDC only came in to steal, kill and destroy.

I promise not to tell Ghanaians that they will be stupid to let slip through their

fingers that one-off excellent opportunity to kick out the NDC in the upcoming

December 7, 2012 election.

Those that are wise, pledge to resist the oppressors rule; that I promise to say.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson