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NDC Should Admit Their Failure And Spare Us The Insults.

One of the marks of honesty and honorability is ones ability to say I have failed when all the signs point to it that he has failed. Self examination and personal recognition of ones own failures attracts a lot of dignity. The ruling NDC has miserably failed in it's promise of a better Ghana for Ghanaians and above all the sacred promise of putting money in their pockets. Accepting this defeat honourably will bring them more reputation than the arrogant attempt to justify their failure by attempting to rebrand what they promised Ghanaians in the open. If you promise a begger, and for some reasons you are not able to deliver, you don't aside your failure to deliver spit in his face.

In the 2008 elections, the then running mate and now vice president of the republic, stood at a rally and asked his teaming audience to dip their hands into their pockets which they did. He then told them to pull out their hands, which they are obediently did. Then he asked them, do you have any money in there? The crowd shouted a big no. Then he proceeded to tell them that when they(NDC) come to power, they will make sure those pockets are filled with money. Candidate Mills on the same note told Ghanaians that the NPP was insensitive to the plights of the people of Ghana and their harsh policies he claimed had brought difficulties upon the people of Ghana. He went ahead to promise that when he is voted for as the president, they will see the changes in their pockets and living standards.

Ghanaians believed the promises and voted out the NPP bringing to power the "caring" NDC. I guess once in a while the people dip their hands into their pockets again. They assess the business, weigh their new living conditions under a "caring" NDC and that of the time when NPP was in power. And the difference is clear, their pockets are more dry than it was on the day Vice President Mahama asked them to start this self assessment. Their living conditions is worse than the time President Mills said the government of those days was insensitive. At least in those days people could access funding from Presidential Special Innitiatives to start small scale businesses or ventures including; cassava farming and starch production, they could get funding on palm plantation projects, poverty alleviation programs were there which funded locals who formed associations and agreed upon ventures. Oh, in those days their wives were treated freely during pregnancy and at birth. Their old parents had free medical care. The capitation grant was doing others a lot of good. The youth regardless of their party colours were enrolled into the NYEP. The difference is what has caused the turmoil even within the NDC, when its own foot sodiers say it everyday; ENKO YIE. Ghanaians outside the fold of the inner circle card bearers, including the founder of the NDC and his followers cry the same cry: This is not what we bargained for.

And instead of Agya Atta and his boys to come out and cofess their sins they have taken offence and are busy spitting fire at anyone who dare to complain of the poverty they have brought to the people of Ghana. First to do it was the president himself when he vehemently denied ever saying he was going to put money into people's pockets. Just a year or so in office by that time he had forgotten what he said with his own mouth. He said the NPP was insensitive and that when he is ushered into office he will bring policies which will reflect in their pockets. Either directly or indirectly he was going to put money in their pockets. Now he denied ever saying that, calling Ghanaians liars. Maybe, we heard him in a dream. If he did not say it directly, how about his vice? Was the vice president having a different campaign message from the flagbearer? Impossible. So what are they telling us?

Hon Rashid Pelpuo on news file of Joy fm. On the 10th Anniversary of the Repeal Of The Criminal Libel Law also added his voice to that of the preseident to call Ghanaians liars when he was reminded of this same promise. He said government will not come and put money in anybody's pocket and that each man has to look for the upportunity they have created and invest. which upportunity? Invest? Invest with what? When you made them dip their hands into their pockets and confirmed they had no dime. Honourable, please come again.

To join the denial of this promise again is Fiifi Kwettey, just yesterday at a press conference in reacting to a statement made by Dr Paa Kwasi Nduom to the effect that the government has put a blind eye on the sufferings of the Ghanaian and was blowing its own horn on micro economic achievements. Fiifi Kwettey, the Minister for Economic Planning did not take it lightly to be reminded of this same promise of bettering the lives of Ghanaians again. His reaction was nothing different from what the self acclaimed "caring president" and Hon Rashid Pelpuo earlier slapped Ghanaians with. No Government drops money into peolpes pockets, governments just create a congenial environment for bussiness and we have done that; in his own words. Oh they mean their words, they are not here to enrich Ghanaians as they made us believe. We are the liars or fools who are misinterpreting what they told us or believed their scam. One of the two.

Did I here Fiifi Kwetey say congenial environment for bussiness. When lights are off 24 hours a day. Is that the meaning of congenial? Or when the taxi is parked to four days without work for lack of fuel or gas? When nobody enters the store to buy anything, is it an indication of the congenial environment. Somebody help me, whats the meaning of Congenial environment for bussiness? Is it when national security enter the ware house of private enterpreneurs and confiscate all their products without notice amidst insults? Or when your ear is ripped off for selling on your own shelve, not on the road. Congenial indeed when Articulator trucks are blocking Bolga Tamale Road because of exorbitant levies. Maybe introduction of new taxes is or old tax increments is what is referred to as congenial environment for bussiness.

They dont put money into peoples pockets but a regional minister can build two mansions in two years, Ablakwah can dish out monies to unseat North Tongu MP, according to Hon Charles Hodogbey. They dont drop money in peoples pockets indeed.

I pray that NDC spare us this insult and just come out openly to retract the promises they made to us or accept that they have failed us woefully. It is more dignifying than this insults of our intelligence.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.
Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame