NDC executives elections: Party and national interest must determine our votes

Godwin Mahama Spend Godwin Mahama is a member of the communications team of the NDC

Mon, 19 Sep 2022 Source: Godwin Mahama

As the National Democratic Congress moves towards the 2024 General Election through the proper formulation of its branch, Constituency, regional and national structures, I will urge every comrade privileged to be a delegate to look out for unique attributes in persons who will avail themselves as aspirants for positions.

Everything one does, must be geared towards claiming power from this corrupt, inept, and wasteful political party(NPP). The Ghanaian populace will not forgive the National Democratic Congress if we allow the NPP to manipulate the 2024 general elections in their favor.

We need selfless, hardworking, devoted, and charismatic persons who can stand against this tyrannical and wicked government. We need people who are unrelenting in their resolve to put their life on the line to help the NDC rescue Ghanaians from the failed Akufo-Addo-Bawumia administration.

Our forefathers fought with their blood to gain independence for us, and it won't be out of place for us to also sacrifice through our sweat and blood to save the country from complete jeopardy.

The NDC is the only hope left for this country.

Matthew 4:4 admonishes us as a people not to leave by bread alone, so I urged delegates to put the success of the NDC first before any personal gain.

Collectively, I will urge all NDC faithful not to relent in their fight against the insensitivity on the part of the NPP.

May the Lord guide us all as we fight to rescue our motherland from nation wreckers.

Columnist: Godwin Mahama