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NDC to Build a New Era of Social Equity

Vote NDC to build a New Era of Social Equity and Developmental Justice to Share with Ghanaians

The National Democratic Congress on Thursday 4th October 2012, presented to the good people of Ghana, the 2012 Manifesto that seeks to renew the covenant the NDC as a Party has with the people of Ghana in pursuance of our common and cherished Goal of "Advancing The Better Ghana Agenda" for all.

The Manifesto is based on the achievements over the last four years during the period in which the NDC Government established a firm foundation for delivering a program of economic recovery and sustained welfare for the people of Ghana.

The 2012 NDC Manifesto is guided by the President Mahama's administration passion to build and promote a just, fair and a prosperous society where everyone has the potential to fulfil their potential and ambition.

Until 2008, NPP government under ex president John Agyekum Kufour pursued a property owning democracy policy, a corporate economic policy of national champions, which benefited only a few section of the Ghanaian society with some costly mistakes. The NPP flag bearer, Nana Akufo Addo has served notice that he will continue with this selfish and single minded economic agenda pursued under ex president Kuffour's administration.

The NDC as a social democratic party, on the other hand, believes the role of government is to support the economy through recovery, to enable people to succeed and fulfil their potential and to build jobs for the future. The reality is that it will take government, working with businesses to build the strong, fair and competitive economy in order to create the much needed jobs we need to survive as a nation. That is what NDC is for. The NPP ideological hostility to such a role for government has seen them oppose every measure taken by the current NDC administration to support job creation, and leaves them without credible answers to the questions of how we build growth and jobs in the current challenging circumstances.

The NDC government in 2009 inherited a distressed and broken economy recklessly managed by an NPP administration resulting in serious economic predicaments, imbalances and challenges, which included a large fiscal and budget deficits of 24% of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP), higher inflation of 18.1% , increase in debt stock without corresponding increase in economic growth, and depreciation of the cedi by 30%. The Ghanaian economy was characterised by low levels productivity in agriculture, industry and manufacturing among others.

Ladies and Gentlemen in just under 4 years, of prudent macroeconomic management, the NDC government between 2009 and 2012 achieved a sustained single digit inflation for more than 24 months since June 2010, ( currently at 9.5%), the lowest annual average single digit rate since 1970; the NDC Government has maintained an unprecedented GDP growth rate of 14.4% in 2011 from 8.4% in 2008; reduced the fiscal deficit from 14.5% in 2008 to 6.1% in 2011; improved investors confidence resulting in increased foreign direct investment of US$2.5billion worth of projects in the first half of 2012; increased the Gross International Reserves of the Bank of Ghana from US$1.8billion to US4.5billion in 2012. The government has improved revenue/GDP ratio from 13.9% in 2009 to 19.7% in 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, whichever approach one takes the NDC government had no alternative but to make good the mess that the NPP government created for our economy by dealing with the economic and developmental challenges our country faced through reckless management of the economy by our political opponents.

Ghanaians will go to the polls in December 7 to elect a new government to steer the affairs of the country for the next four years. The NDC government economic performance over the last four years has been unprecedented and confirmed to Ghanaians that the NDC is people centred political party with a developmental focus.

Our programme is about creating jobs, not jobs for some who will then have pity on others and give them hand outs; our programme is about strong and resilient economy capable of withstanding internal and external shocks; We do not like a society in which only property owners can participate in the democracy.

Ladies and Gentleman, our programme is for the provision of food, shelter and clothing for all not for some. To achieve all these, we need your vote in the December 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections; We need your Vote to continue the unfinished agenda of the late Professor John Evans Atta Mills.

The NDC Manifesto reflects the vision of the NDC as a social democratic Party. It represents our vision for "Advancing Better Ghana Agenda" for the next four years. The NDC administration under the able leadership of His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama is determined to create a society in which we all have equal and fair opportunities to live good and decent lives.

We need your Vote to "Advance the Better Ghana Agenda

Please Vote NDC; Vote Akatamanso

Alex Seshie-Vanderpuije

Public Relations Officer

NDC UK & Ireland Chapter
Columnist: Seshie-Vanderpuije, Alex