Opinions Wed, 9 Jun 2010

NPP: Akufo Addo Is Denying NPP’s campaign Money

My fellow countrymen, women and U.P. traditional members, lets be grateful that now this 70- year-old man Akufo Addo who was given 37.2 million dollars for his NPP reelection campaign in 2008 is now lying about the money. The money’s was given to him by John Agyekum Kufuor to finance the 2008 campaign: now Akufo Addo has the audacity to lie about it to all NPP polling station executives. Wherever this 70- year-old man goes across the constituencies, he claim that he did not receive the said amount handed to him by John Agyekum Kufuor before the 2008 campaign

The essence of political campaigns is perception. In a presidential nomination perception is everything Akufo Addo’s deception is reason enough for NPP polling station executives and party members not to squander their precious time on this 70-year-old man. This visionless Akufo Addo will do anything; he will say anything to deceive the NPP delegates in order for them to elect him on August 7th 2010. But this time it will not happen. This is one of the oldest most predictable PR tricks in the book, older even than this 70- year- old man Akufo Addo himself, older than this visionless, violent, arrogant and womanizer. He intends to use and deceive the delegates wherever he goes.

Here are the facts. During the 2008 NPP general election campaign to retain the NPP party in power the John Agyekum Kufuor administration were able to raise $37.2 million dollars for Akufo Addo towards the party’s reelection campaign. Kufuor was afraid of this Akufo Addo and his Akyem Mafia’s gangsters who were insulting and intimidate Kufuor publicly on a daily basis. As a result of this Kufuor handed all the millions of dollars raised directly into the hands of this 70- year-old man Akufo Addo, money that was supposed to go through the channel of the national financial executives committee of the party. This legal process should have happened before Akufo Addo or anyone else got their hands on it. But it did not happen.

However, if the majority of Ghanaians will recall it was this 70- year –old- man Akufo Addo’s disastrous campaign that removed the NPP from power and gave it to the opposition NDC. Some of his campaign team members begun to fight among themselves pointing fingers at each other and also accusing Kofi Konadu Apreku, who comes from Offinso in the Ashanti region, of stealing some NPP campaign money and keeping it for himself. So how in the world could this 70-year-old man Akufo Addo now turn around and deny the NPP campaign money he received from Kufuor? This Akufo Addo thinks the NPP have to tolerate his nonsense and his dubious methods of spinning his way through these ethical questions. He believes that he can simply outlast everyone and make it go away. I can assure this Akufo Addo that this isn’t going anywhere unless he returns all the remaining of NPP 2008 campaign money to the party-ill-gotten money he is currently using for his egocentric political ambition. My question to this 70- year-old man is if not from the missing NPP campaign monies, where did he got all theses millions of new Ghana cedis that he is now using to run again less than one year after he lost the 2008 general election to Attah Mills? Where did he get his money from?

Now this Akufo Addo Campaign team is desperate. They are now walking around the constituencies and lying by making all these false propaganda statements that Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen will be the running mate of this 70-year-old man Akufo Addo, a third rate economics graduate. This is all Akufo Addo’s propaganda. Alan will never ever become this visionless, womanizing and violent man’s running mate. This will never happen in Ghana so please do not listen to these criminals and their assertion; they will always come out with bogus stories when their back is against the wall. Akufo Addo’s campaign team is now realizing that the news in the media does not reflect what is happening on the ground around the constituencies, which in fact shows Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen will win the NPP presidential nomination on August 7th 2010. They are now desperate and confused and using all this silly propaganda to confuse the delegates.

This is how this 70-year-old man Akufo Addo, a visionless, womanizer, a proud, arrogant and violent misogynist spent the NPP campaign money on himself, his girlfriends and his family members. Most of the money went to One Touch and (FONAA) this so-called friend of Akufo Addo and these MPs who are currently supported him. It was the same money Akufo Addo used to buy a Mercedes Benz for his girlfriend attending the University of Ghana. It was the same money his aide Mustapha Hamidu was caught red- handed by Akufo Addo stealing. It was the same NPP campaign money in which Kennedy Agyepong spelled curses on Akufo Addo campaign executives who stole the money to buy properties for themselves. It is the same NPP campaign money Akufo Addo is using to bribe some executives to vote for him. After Kufuor handed the money to Akufo Addo, he intentionally neglected the NPP polling station executives and the NPP national finance campaign committee and used the money anyway he wanted with zero accountability. I urge the entire NPP delegates not to waste their time on Akufo Addo. He is not a winnable candidate. Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen is the only candidate who will bring the party back to power. He is the most amiable candidate across the board, a visionary leader the entire nation is looking up to and hoping for him to save them from the economic mess.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)
Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi