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NPP: Is Politics Of Ethnicity Right For The Party?

Nananum, Ladies and gentleman it is not only a disgrace for some New Patriotic Party (NPP) members to play ethnocentric politics in choosing the party’s flag- bearership position in which many Ghanaians sees the U.P. tradition as an indigenous organization. It is an insult to an academics and intelligence for members of this U.P. traditions and those who describe themselves as the educational elites in the country to now advocate tribal politics. This a reprehensible method, which this idiotic, egocentric Kwame Pianim is meddling with, is a serious issues from where the nation will not gain any vital interest but will only create a political confusion and anarchy down the line for Ghanaians. What is wrong for Isaac Osei from the Western region live all his life in the Ashanti region and become an MP? Is it victimization for Ghanaian coming from one region to serve the people that have lived with from another region? Only an Alzheimer’s individual like Kwame Pianim could see this as a curse. Kwame Pianim’s comments that Ashanti’s have no right to run for president in Ghana are reckless, irresponsible, reprehensible and ultimately unacceptable. I can assure you all that without an Ashanti the NPP will never rule Ghana again I can promise you all that.
However, it is unfortunate for a member from the U.P. tradition who is over the retirement age and who should speak sensible things to become adviser to the younger generations and educate them that the leadership position in an organization such as the NPP should not be base on ethnicity, but rather on one’s capabilities and knowledge of economics to lead with a great vision, humility, and love for the task she or he is about to take; this last point is one of the major requirements that needed to pick leaders to lead.
The assertion from this knucklehead Kwame Pianim who sounds like an Alzheimer’s patient is complete political nonsense. Throughout the Kufuor administration Kwame Pianim expected Kufuor to make him an economic Minister although Kufuor believed he was not up to that task. As a result of this Kwame Pianim was animated with bitterness that has plunged him into depression, mainly because Kufuor didn’t give him the Job he wanted. Pianim’s cynical attacks on Kufuor and Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen show how dangerous this ignoramus is. He thinks of his own stupid interest but not the party or the nation’s progress.
Ghana is not a place to encourage ethnic politics. The nation has been unified since the beginning of our independence. At the time all the ethnic tribes came together to fight for one thing; our freedom, and we the current generation must continue to carry it on and built a better nation for all of us . Due to such an ethnicity dilemma, even with all the billions of Nigerian’s oil revenues Nigeria is not progressing. As I have always said politics is not for idiots like Kwame Pianim; it requires educational skills such as literacy research knowledge of history and personal experiences skills which this feeble- minded Kwame Pianim does not have. Even a high school student who has had a program in leadership knows that leadership should not be based on ethnicity. The criteria of chosen leadership consist of many elements such as a person's ability to lead an organization successfully, with a clear vision for the future, innovative and creative ideas, humility, compassion and lastly honesty. These are some of the qualities that one needs to demonstrate in order to prove his or her ability to become a great leader.
However, even though in one of my previous articles I showed that leadership is not about ethnicity, some people still do not get it; I will continue to educate those who call themselves educational elites, because they still don’t know a damn thing. Now let's look at some major countries which are made up of different ethnic groups but where the chosen leader of a party is not based on ethnicity. For example, in the United State of America, there is a long history of the American presidency from the first president George Washington to the current president Obama. Many classify Obama as a Blackman but he is not. He is Irish; all the presidents of the greatest nation on earth have been either from the Republican Party or the Democratic Party and have been either British or Irish. These are all British descendants. No other ethnic group has ever become president in America. The question is why is that? They believe that the leadership position should not be based on ethnicity but rather on the individual abilities to lead the nation by putting the interest of their nation first. There are members of other ethnic groups who have also come here since the 1700’s, 1800’s from Italy, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, and many other’s countries but the presidency of America has remained British. Why is it that other ethnic groups are not complaining? Because they do not believe that political leadership should be based on ethnicity, but on the individual who can advance and solve the needs of its citizens. The greatest irony in Ghana is that those who think they have a better education are the ones that are always making silly comments by exploiting tribalism and creating tensions in the eyes of other ethnic members within the NPP party. Kwame Pianim has an Alzheimer’s disease. Nobody should be listening to his foolishness and his stupid tribal sentiments made merely for his own selfish political interest.
From :Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi