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NPP, NDC behaving like unrepentant husbands – Ivor Greenstreet

The two biggest parties, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have become like, to Ghanaians, an unrepentant husband who repeatedly cheats and maltreats his wife, returns to seek for forgiveness and goes back to commit the same awful deeds, this is what Flagbearer of the Convention People's Party, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet believes.

The 2-time presidential hopeful says that for 28 years, both parties, who have each been given the chance to govern Ghanaians under respective administrations, have consistently failed them.

Broken promises, pledges and the current unfriendly state of the country he says, is enough proof that Ghanaians ought to make a bold stance to change their voting pattern.

He said this whilst speaking on GhanaWeb’s Election Desk.

“Let me cite you an example of a pastor I was listening to recently and he was talking about change and the meaning of change. He cited an example of a woman in the house who had been successfully beaten and brutalized by her husband and on the initial occasions, the husband will plead and say sorry and they would make up and on other occasions, the family members will be brought in and would prevail on her to let it go for the sake of the family unit and the marriage.

“This went on for a long period of time and the woman will accept it and find a way of tolerating it and staying in the marriage but the day she decides to change, and not tolerate it anymore. That day, there is no turning back, nothing the husband or family can say will allow her to change her mind and go back and tolerate those difficult and terrible circumstances,” he explained.

On this premise, Mr. Greenstreet believes a vote for the NPP or the NDC is a wasted vote which otherwise would have yielded positive fruits if invested in a third force like the Convention People's Party.

According to him, several happenings in the country over the years show that Ghanaians need a change in leadership for change and development to occur.

“Actually, the wasted vote is to vote for the NPP or the NDC. In the past, people have suggested that as we are going to vote, who is going to win? Is it the NPP or the NDC and therefore they feel like voting for the CPP is a wasted vote but in fact, voting for the NPP or NDC is the wasted vote because they don’t have anything to show in your personal life circumstances that they have done to deserve your votes so therefore voting for the CPP is a vote for yourself.”

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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