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NPP campaign soar, as panic grips the NDC

The NPP’s campaign is soaring high, while the NDC’s campaign is seemingly gripped with iffy panic for some time now. The panic in the NDC is mainly because of the matchless level of involvement and participation by ordinary Ghanaians in the NPP’s campaign, inspired by the increased confidence of the people in the great virtues of Nana Akufo-Addo-Tolerance, Service, incorruptibility and credible leadership.

Ghanaians have grown in confidence and with admiration for Nana Akufo-Addo as they have known him for some time now. It is pointed; Nana Addo has shown over the period to Ghanaians, his confidence, unwavering love and determination to serve them.

In Nana Addo’s own words he says “I have an unshakeable faith that our country, the Black Star of Africa, under the leadership of the NPP, has a bright future, a future that will be secured by the enterprise, creativity, and hard work of the Ghanaian people.”

In this campaign, Nana Addo’s message has been accepted by the electorate and his simple promise is “......to build a Ghana that works and gives each and every one .... the opportunity to improve our lives. A Ghana that works for us and our families, not just for the rich and powerful.”

The panic and anxiety gripping the NDC is increasingly becoming depressing. The NDC is fast losing popular support grounds to the NPP as Nana Addo continues to gently mobilise support and participation around his vision to be“...President for all Ghanaians. Whatever your region, your tribe, your gender, your status, or your religion, I will serve you all.”

The NDC’s wall of propaganda, relied upon over the years is seriously under threat and defeat looms on 7th December. The panic, anxiety and the fear of defeat gripping the NDC has soared as the campaign reaches a critical point. Something mysterious has happened. The NDC’s cherished campaign strategy of setting Ghanaians against each other based on our multi-ethnic backgrounds has failed this time, this year and in this election.

The people now understands their agenda and motivation in politics as there is wide spread corruption and economic hardships the last eight years, through schemes created by the NDC to loot and share the nation’s resources which has increased astronomically, with impunity among their cronies.

The NDC’s panic and fear of defeat is high placed. A presumable sentiment within the NDC’s campaign team is that of frustration, fear, anxiety and expected defeat as the NPP’s campaign is spreading just like viruses do.

The president recently echoed the wide-held panic and looming defeat within the NDC when he said last week in the Volta region “Certain group has taken control of the media”. Ostensibly, the media man is frustrated as the NDC support base in the region is at its lowest since the party was born.

The president uttered his frustration by blaming the media as the NDC surrenders ground to the NPP.

The increased grassroot support and national-wide rally behind Nana Addo’s simplified policy messages on the campaign trail is depressing to president Mahama and his cronies. The president’s frustration is clear and he recently confessed publicly “The physical and mental strain of the electioneering has left me nursing a cold...”

The confession by the president of his frustration and fear of defeat will likely unleash a snowball effect in looting, grabbing of party assets and may likely affect state assets before 7th December. Presumable sentiment close to campaign strategist and deep pockets in the party is that of defeat on 7th December.

As defeat seemingly looms, party resources and campaign funds are likely to be diverted and converted from the campaign. The neutralization of campaign funds and assets will likely see campaign cars being rebranded, free goodies to bribe voters being diverted and campaign cash stashed away in private dug holes and under bed covers.

The final showdown of the NDC’s looming defeat will be fought by party foot soldiers and deep pockets within the campaign. The fight will see mass vandalization and looting of party assets.

Ghanaians are increasingly united behind Nana Akufo-Addo to present his service oriented, incorruptible and credible leadership.

Let us all continue to work hard as never before by volunteering as polling station agents to secure and protect the peoples vote and the change we all seek and deserve.

Yaw Awuah Boadu Ayeboafo, Tepa-Ashanti
Columnist: Ayeboafo, Yaw Awuah Boadu
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