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NPP's And It's Political Desperation In Tamale South

When will NPP stop deceiving themselves in the Tamale South!!? NDC Justice Bench was surprised at NPP comments about Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, MP for tamale south and Minister for Employment and Labour Relations last Saturday at their "forum turned Rally/campaign launch" at the Kukuo market in the Tamale.

The membership of justice bench youth group in the tamale south are disappointed at the npp tamale south constituency executives, NPP northern regional executives and the deputy national youth Organizer and deputy national Organizer of the NPP.

Reliable information picked up suggested that, the well attended gathering of NPP youth groups in the tamale south was disappointed in their elected executives last Saturday when it's well attend forum turned out to be a rally grounds and just this days to our surprised some media houses are reporting it as a campaign launch "operation drop Haruna" to unseat hon. Haruna Iddrisu.

Secular letters sent by the NPP tamale south constituency office invited NPP youth groups to the kukuo market to deliberate why NPP lose both 2008 and 2012 elections.

According to reliable information picked up,the NPP youth groups,were disappointed at the turn of events on the ground and we are totally surprised about allegations,lies made against our hon. Man hon. Haruna Iddrisu by NPP at the Kukuo markets grounds.

We are assuring them,as it's in the the previous elections for our hon. Man Haruna Iddrisu so shall it be in the coming election. We are assuring the whole NPP party without fear of any contradiction, if they descend on tamale south with their resources and time to contest Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, they will see their smoothness level.

Long live tamale south NDC!!,

Long live Hon. Haruna Iddrisu!! Long live NDC

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