Nana Ama Dokua lists Nana Addo’s achievements in Akuapem North Constituency

Tue, 6 Oct 2020 Source: Peace FM

On January 7, 2017, when H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was sworn in as the President of Ghana, the Akuapem North Constituency has greatly benefitted from his top-notch human-centered policies and unprecedented infrastructural developments.

Since the inception of the country Ghana, never has Akuapem North benefited enormously within the first 4 years of any government; be it democratic or military rule.


Free Senior High School:

On February 11, 2017, during the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Okuapemman School, President Akufo-Addo stated “We will fund the cost of public senior high schools for all those who qualify for entry from the 2017/2018 academic year onwards. By Free SHS, we mean that, in addition to tuition, which is already free, there will be no admission fees, no library fees, no science center fees, no examination fees, no computer lab fees, and no utility fees; there will be a free textbook, free boarding, and a free meal, and day students will get a meal at school for free.” True to the words of the President, Free SHS was implemented in September 2017. It is important to note that, across all the Senior High Schools within the constituency, a total of 12,185 students have benefited from the Free SHS. Benkum – 2,668, Okuas - 2,526, PSTS (Larteh) – 961, MEGHIS – 2,220, Sinai – 1,590, Mampong Presec – 2,730, SectechDeaf – 310, Mangoase SHS – 1,548.

Aside the huge human resource development, Free SHS has also brought great relief to parents and guardians.

Planting for Food and Jobs:

With Farmers drawn within the constituency, 3,249 farmers benefited both in terms of seeds and fertilizers and other services and logistics as of 2019 under the Planting for Food and Jobs.

Planting for Export and Rural Development:

43,500 oil palm seedlings were distributed in 14 communities and 44,540 coffee seedlings were distributed in 43 communities within the constituency. About 400 Farmers benefited from the Planting for Export & Rural Development’s Programme.

1 Constituency 1 Ambulance:

Akuapem North has been provided with the state of the artfully fitted ambulance & Ambulance Bay and currently operational.

District 1 Factory (1D1F):

Under the 1D1F, Akro Farms Ltd located in Apasare is currently under operation and has created both direct and indirect job opportunities for over 1,025 individuals involved in the poultry value chain in the constituency.

Asili Coffee Processing Factory located in Akropong is also in operation and a Palm Processing Plant in Yensiso yet to be operationalized.

Nation Builders Corps (NABCO):

With NABCO beneficiaries drawn across the entire constituency, 350 graduates have been engaged in the Nation Builders Corps under the various modules. This policy has greatly benefited Okuapemman graduates and youth, who hitherto were unemployed. This major intervention has enabled beneficiaries to build on their working confidence and experience, which has enabled them to be employable.

Forestry Commission Afforestation Programme:

Afforestation Programme beneficiaries were drawn across the entire constituency, 250 youth benefits from Afforestation Programme. This programme has enabled these youth to appreciate the significance and the essence of tree planting and the need to keep our environment green.

Youth Agency Employment Module:

88 youth are engaged in the Youth Agency Employment Module. The beneficiaries are grouped under the Community Police Assistant (43 beneficiaries), School Support Programme (43), and Youth in Sports (2).

National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP):

250 individuals have benefited from the Business Development Support under NEIP and are successfully employed. This programme has empowered these beneficiaries to employ others within the constituency.

Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC):

Over 1200 individuals have benefitted from MASLOC. This intervention, which cuts across the entire constituency has assisted these beneficiaries, mostly women, grow and expand their businesses as well as enhanced job and wealth creation. Some of the beneficiaries through the expansion of their business have been able to employ and provided job opportunities for family members and friends.

Projects & Infastructural Development under Free SHS:

Okuapeman SHS (Akropong)

16 unit classroom block – Completed

2 Storey Classroom Block – Ongoing

Dormitory Blocks (Boys & Girls) – Ongoing

Construction of Inner Roads – Ongoing

Mount Sinai SHS (Akropong)

Classroom Block - Ongoing

Dormitory Block – Completed

Ultra-modern WC toilet – Completed (IPEP Project)

PSTHS (Larteh)

3 storey classroom block - Completed

2 storey dormitory block - Ongoing

Benkum SHS (Larteh)

2 Storey Classroom Block – Ongoing

Ultra-modern WC toilet – Completed (IPEP Project)


2 storey classroom block - Ongoing

Dormitory Block (Girls) – Ongoing

Mampong Presec (Mampong)

3 Storey Dormitory Block – Ongoing

8 Room Dormitory Block – Ongoing

Mangoase SHS (Mangoase)

Dormitory Block – Ongoing

Mangoase SHS ultra-modern toilet

Ultra-modern WC toilet – Completed (IPEP Project)


Tutu - 6 Unit Classroom Block – Completed

Obosomase - 6 Unit Classroom Block (KG) – Completed

Amanokrom - Classroom Block (KG) – Completed

Adawso Roman - Classroom Block (KG) – Ongoing

Town specific projects


CHPS Compound – Completed

KG Block – Completed

Inner Roads – Ongoing

Presby School Toilet Facility – Ongoing


Park – 90% near completion

Renovation of Tutu Market - Ongoing

Ultra-modern WC toilet - Ongoing

6 Unit Classroom Block – Completed

Bypass road – ongoing


Tetteh Quarshie Hospital Inner Roads – Completed

Ultra-Modern Toilet – Ongoing

Assin Bromu Water project – Completed

Zongo Water Project – Ongoing

Tetteh Quarshie Hospital Renovation – Ongoing

Construction of Tetteh Quarshie Nursing training College – Ongoing

Inner and Town Road – Ongoing


2 Ultra-Modern WC – Ongoing

KG block – Completed

Youth Centre – Ongoing

Asphalting of Bypass – Ongoing


Larteh Health Clinic – Ongoing

Larteh Junction police post – Completed

Taxi rank renovation – Completed

Borehole Water Larteh clinic – Completed

Ultra-modern WC toilet – Completed

Market renovation – Ongoing

Larteh Town Roads – Ongoing


Mamfe Bypass Road Construction and Asphalting - Completed

Remodeling and Redesign of Mamfe Roundabout - Completed

Artisans College – Ongoing


Ahenbrom and Osaebromu inner roads – Completed

Renovation of Aboasa Market – Ongoing

Ultra-Modern Toilet Facility - Ongoing

Patmos road – Ongoing

Refurbishment of the market – Ongoing

School for the Blind inner roads – Completed

Akropong Town Asphalting – Completed

Akropong Health Center Renovation – Ongoing

Okuapemman SHS Road – Ongoing

Presbyterian College of Education inner road – Completed

Ultramodern Court Complex – Ongoing

New Municipal Electoral Commission Office – Completed

New Municipal Assembly Complex – Completed


Kwamoso durbar grounds – Ongoing

Otwitiri Water System – Completed

Mampong nkwanta water project – Completed

Korkormu Park – Ongoing

Adawso Market – Phase 1 Completed

Obum durbar grounds – Ongoing

Akwateakwaso water project – Completed

Akwateakwaso- tadankro electrification

Aboabo school renovation – Ongoing

Gbolokofi borehole – Completed

Gbolokofi market shed – Completed

Pakro junction borehole – Completed

Mangoase Ultra-modern toilet – Completed

Behenase Borehole – Completed

Mangoase-Tinkon g road construction

Tinkong durbar grounds – Completed

Nyamebekyere borehole – Completed

Asuoyaa Roads reshaping - Ongoing

Okorase Ultra-modern toilet – Completed

Okorase CHP Clinic – Completed

Pantoase bridge – Completed

Osabene road reshaping – Completed

Kabu ultra-modern toilet – Completed

Mangoase to Tinkong – Ongoing

Amanfro to Tinkong – Completed

Energy & Rural Electrification

Amanokrom - Completed

Obosomase – Completed

Tinkong – Completed

Larteh – Ongoing

Tutu – Ongoing

Akropong – Ongoing

Aboasa – Completed

Recruitment and Job Placement

Ghana Police Service - 22

Ghana Fire Service - 9

Ghana Immigration Service -8

Ministry of Information - 8

Ministry of Local Government -5

National Petroleum Authority – 7

Ambulance Service – 2

NABCO – 350

Afforestation Recruitment – 250

GES Recruitment (Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff) - 250

School Feeding - 13 Additional Basic Schools

Apprenticeship Programmes - 275

Financial Assistance

Educational Grants (Needy but Brilliant Students)

JHS - 80

Tertiary – 150

Absorption of JHS BECE Registration Fees

Assistance to people with Health Needs

Distribution of Mathematical Sets to BECE Candidates (2017-2020) – Over 7,000 candidates. Also, a total of 1,941 final year-BECE Candidates were served a Hot Meal for almost a month before and during their final exams.

In line with these life-changing policies and projects in Akuapem North Constituency, I wholeheartedly and proudly endorsed the candidature of H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for an additional four (4) more years in his extraordinary commitment to do more for Okuapemman and Ghana as a whole.



Source: Peace FM
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