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National Security operative ‘Double’ member of NPP – John Boadu

The General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) John Boadu has confirmed that a man suspected to be a member of the militia group, Invincible Forces, is a member of his party.

The man– whose name has only been given as ‘Double’ and is a member of the National Security – according to Mr Boadu, is a known member of the NPP but is not known to him as a member if the pro-party militia group.

“I know him to be a member of the New Patriotic Party but I don’t know for a fact that he is a member of invincible forces,” Mr Boadu told the Emile Short-led Commission when he took his turn to testify on Monday.

Double, as he is known in the political circles has been accused by Ningo-Prampram MP, Samuel George, of being among the National Security operatives who fired gunshots toward a crowd during the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections in January.

Mr George during his account to the Commission claimed to have witnessed the indiscriminate firing of gunshots by the National Security officers who had stormed the residence of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) around the La Bawaleshie polling centre on voting day.

He said: “I saw these armed men, a number of them, pulled out their side weapons, point in the crowd; the crowd had started dispersing as soon as the first shot was fired, but this point, I saw them point directly in the crowd, the direction of the crowd and fire.

“I saw Double, also point his AK47 and attempt to fire, the gun jammed, I saw him clear his chamber, reload the gun and fired several rounds from his AK47.”

Mr George also claimed that Double was a member of the pro-NPP militia group, Invincible Forces.

But Mr Boadu denied knowledge of the man being a member of Invincible Forces.

According to him, Double appears to work at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), where he [Boadu] usually meets him anytime he was travelling out of town.

“I know him as a member of the party,” adding he was not aware that Double was now a member of National Security and that “he is not even a member of our internal security forces but he comes around.”

Members of party militia incorporated into National security

Mr Boadu denies allegations that members of the party’s pro-militia groups have been integrated into National Security.

He told Justice Short that it was impossible for this to happen because the men “who usually provide security or us at the party headquarters are still there.”

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