Withdrawing the Speaker of parliament's military attachment jeopardizes his safety and security, rectify the anomaly now

Bagbin Bin Alban GTV.png Alban Bagbin, Speaker of Parliament

Mon, 17 Jan 2022 Source: Ishaq Awudu

The pettiness and pedestrianism by the Executive is becoming nauseating and sickening. What does the government intend to achieve by withdrawing the military attaché' in the security detail of the Rt Hon Speaker of Parliament?

Is this still part of the grand scheme and orchestration to intimidate and possibly cower him into submission to pave way for the Majority Group to have its way in Parliament?

The safety and security of the Rt Hon Speaker of Parliament is very critical and crucial as far as the discharge of his mandate is concerned. To unilaterally and arbitrarily tamper with and alter his security arrangement without any proven and justified reason only exposes him and makes him vulnerable.

The Military Command, Ministry of Defence and the Interior Ministry must brace themselves to accept any liability in the unfortunate event that anything untoward or disastrous happens to the Number Three Gentleman of the land.

This attitude by the government and by extension the Executive is in bad faith and does not support the clarion calls for consensus building in our hung Parliament for the smooth conduct of government business.

Deliberately targeting the Rt Hon Alban Bagbin employing such draconian measures will only polarise and deepen the gaping cracks in the August House of Parliament to further stall government business.

As a matter of urgency, the appropriate institutions and individuals such as the military, Minister for Defence and the Minister for Interior should expedite action to beef up the Rt Hon Speaker's personal security for him to discharge the mandate conferred on him by the people of Ghana through their representatives in the August House of Parliament.

Columnist: Ishaq Awudu