Opinions Thu, 14 Sep 2017

New job opportunities; A new dawn for the Ghanaian unemployed graduate

In a world where population is on a daily increase but few business chances are created, unemployment is just but one of the numerous problems one could expect.

With Ghana not being an exception to this, unemployment is considered one of the most prevailing problems in our society.

With the quest for finding greener pastures at its peak most especially for graduates who deem themselves fit for work, most of this graduates are left with a heavy task of roaming the streets with flat files and brown envelopes containing their qualifications, in search of jobs. This situation in itself has been realised as one of the main reasons behind unemployment since most graduates find it tiresome and headless roaming around for jobs.

In the remaining paragraphs of this article, I shall introduce you to the remedy for unemployment with the sense of getting easy access to job opportunities without necessarily having to spend the little money you have on transportation from place to place.

It has been confirmed that the telecommunications industry is one of the most flourishing industries in Ghana with about half of the Ghanaian population subscribed to at least one of the telecommunication networks. That been said, the easiest way to get information would be through your phone.

GL-EMPERORS LIMITED is a registered company in Ghana specialized in providing I.T based solutions to individuals and organizations.

With clearance from the National Communications Authority (NCA), we bring to you updates on job opportunities in every corner of the country on weekly basis with a maximum of two SMS per week. All you need to do is to text the word JOB to the short code 1903 on all mobile networks except Tigo to subscribe.

Currently, GL EMPERORS LIMITED would be recruiting 300 people across the country for various job opportunities. All these opportunities would be listed alongside other job opportunities from co-operating bodies and institutions and shared via the short code.

Getting our updates twice weekly will increase your chances of getting employed.

With this new service, you can sit in the comfort of your home and get updates on job opportunities, send your applications directly without any try and error and save some money for your up-keep while you allow us to do your job hunting for you.

Share this short code with friends and families that might need it and give them the chance to get a job and establish themselves.
Columnist: Gabla Godwin