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New registration not compulsory, you can boycott it – John Boadu dares NDC

The General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party, John Boadu, has dared NDC members to boycott the new voter registration if they are against the compilation.

According to him, elections and registration are not compulsory so the NDC can stay on the old register if they believe the new one is unnecessary and needless.

Speaking on ‘Face to Face’ show on Citi TV, John Boadu said “if the NDC believes in what they are saying when it gets to the registration, they should boycott it. It is their right, election or voting is not compulsory in this country, so, as a political party that believes that a new register is unnecessary they should stay on the old register and I advise their people not to register. I think that will show a very principled position and I believe that will serve them well.”

He added that the NDC has a record of fighting against the compilation of the voter registration since 1992.

“…particularly with the NDC they’ve never supported any enhancement of our voter register right from 1992.”

“Even late in the year 2012 when we pushed for a biometric register process, the NDC kicked against it. They said that the grandmother or old lady when they put their finger on the biometric machine it will vanish, some weird argument, so it is not strange for me that they are kicking against it now. We in the NPP have over the years believed that a credible register and a credible electoral system is one of the key standards one needs to have to ensure you have a credible election.” He added.

He urged Ghanaians not to be deceived by the series protests organised by the opposition party.

“…As they are demonstrating they are motivating their people to go out there to register and you will see them registering, so the good people of this country should not be deceived by this deception, we are waiting for the Electoral Commission to come out with the days and the plan for the movement.”

The NDC has accused the Electoral Commission (EC) of trying to rig the upcoming elections in favour of the NPP government as they request for a new voter register few months to election.

They also said the cost of the registration which is over GH¢40o million is a waste of national resource as that amount can be used to solve pressing challenges in the country.

The NDC in protest of the compilation of the new register has embarked on a nationwide demonstration to stop the EC from embarking on this project.

So far, demonstrations have been held in two regions to express their displeasure.

However, the EC has emphasized that the there is a need to compile the new voter registration as the existing biometric system is outmoded and expensive to maintain, hence the need to go in for a new one at a cheaper rate.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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