Politics Mon, 30 Mar 2020

New voter roll: EC forced to withdraw defective C.I. again

For the second time within a week, the Electoral Commission of Ghana has been forced to withdraw the Constitutional Instrument (CI) it laid before Parliament some three weeks ago.

A similar thing happened last week and the EC had to resubmit the document the following day.

The election management body, through the C.I., is seeking to exclude the current voter ID card and birth certificates as primary documents in compiling a new register of voters.

A meeting between Parliament’s Subsidiary Legislation Committee and the EC led by its Deputy Commissioner Dr Bossman Asare, detected that the necessary corrections to the documents had still not been effected.

Consequently, the document would have to be re-laid before the House and it must go through the necessary twenty-one-sitting-day period afresh.

Parliament rises on Friday.

The EC insists on compiling a new register ahead of the December polls.

The coronavirus outbreak has thrown its timetable out of gear.

The Commission recently suspended the registration process, which was billed to have started on April.
Source: classfmonline.com
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