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Nigel Gaise’s election prophesy and a win for Mahama is just a lottery; Ignore them with contempt

I want every Ghanaian citizen to understand that men of God are called to preach the Bible and to inspire us to lead a life of holiness to please God.

Unfortunately, many men of God had taken the advantage of the gifts God has given to them and the vulnerability of the masses and are reaping profits from it.

This country has become like the ‘the prophet's challenge’ agenda for certain self-acclaimed national prophets who want to take Ghanaians for granted with their so-called ‘one-touch prophesies’.

The notable among them is Nigel Gaisie who claims he can see things and when he sees them they all come to pass. Well, we are here to interrogate Nigel Gaisie’s so-called Mahama will win the election prophesy that he is using it to deceive Ghanaians.

I want to point out to Nigel Gaisie that no one is afraid of him and his so-called prophetic gift does not make him better than us in the eyes of God if Jesus died for us all.

I want everyone to read carefully the prophesy Nigel gave concerning Mahama will win the 2020 elections.

“The NDC must think and plan now not the future. The Lord says he has rejected this government. The nation’s will bring back Kwame Dramani of the NDC with 52.1%. Every prophecy has an investment to be made in”

The above pronouncement is the original prophesy he made during his 31st night.

Nigel stated that *‘every prophecy has an investment to be made in’*. The business agenda has been activated. Simply, NDC must come and see him for directions. Nigel cannot be smart enough.

“For the past four years, every prophecy I have given has come to pass. I’m asking Ghanaians to listen to God, and vote massively to bring Kwame John Mahama and NDC back to Power, to lead the country back to prosperity, or we go back to the dark days. This is the voice of the Lord. When God speaks to me, I say it as it is. God has crowned John Dramani Mahama as the next President of Ghana, but if the electorates refuse to vote for him, the country will go back to the dark days of 1983”

The above is his recent emphasis on Mahama winning the elections. He claims God will humiliate Akuffo Addo and he will not even get the votes Mahama got in 2016. Please kindly take note.

I want my readers to analyze this opportunistic man of God. "I am asking Ghanaians to listen to God, and vote massively to bring back Kwame John Mahama ….. but if the electorates refuse to vote for him, the country will go back to the dark days of 1983”. No one in his right senses will place faith in this shallow weird prophesy of ‘God’. He, Nigel Gaisie is asking Ghanaians to listen to the voice of God and that God has rejected NPP.

This guy is so opportunistic and thinks he can play with the minds of Ghanaians. We remember in 2012 and 2016, some men of God said Akuffo Addo can never become president of this country. Well for Nigel Gaisie’s information, he should pray that his lottery and betting works for him. If Mahama wins, it is because the people had decided to choose him. Nigel gave a specific percentage of 52.1% for Mahama. The guy is simply doing a campaign for Mahama using his so-called prophetic office.

Nigel can fool others with intimidating prophecies but he cannot deceive every Ghanaian, he can deceive only NDC followers who are itching to hear their candidate win. Ghanaians will vote for NPP so that God will send our country back to 1983. After all, Nigel’s prophesy had conditions in them. It means it not obligatory for any Ghanaian to listen to him. It is not by force. The guy is very smart preying on the minds of the vulnerable. Like a football bet, Nigel is also playing a bet. He claims that the corruption cases and how the country is hard to confirm that Kwame John Mahama will win the elections. Guess if Mahama wins or loses! You are the best judge.

Ghanaians do not be afraid of Nigel Gaisie or any other prophet trying to use prophesy to control our minds before elections. We won’t listen to them for God is not a man.

Remember not all the prophecies of Nigel Gaisie have come to pass: Most of them flop.

Deuteronomy 18:22

When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follows not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.
Columnist: Isaac Ofori
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