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Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, must learn from his counterparts

... in other countries

A country like Nigeria, despite losing the opportunity to participate in the upcoming 2017 Afcon,have not neglected the team, and upon all the financial difficulty the Nigeria Football Federation is facing, the Government and for that matter the minister, Barrister Dalung, has demonstrated to us all that ,the ministerial post is not just a name sake but duty.

The minister knows how responsible he should be towards world cup qualifies. He didn't just go on any Nigeria radio to echo his voice and bluff as Nii Lantey is doing in Ghana, but made sure his outfit has settled all the financial issues in the team, without having any bad motive and agenda setting mind against the football federation.

Like Ghana,the Eagle players who paid their own flight ticket to play Tanzania in the nations cup qualifies, because of financial stress now have the refund of that money back.The bonuses of that Tanzania game has been settled, as well as the bonuses of two friendly matches the team played against Mali and Luxemburg.

Also,the Uganda team Ghana drew with, had enough motivation and bonuses settlement and good preparation ahead of Ghana game by the help of a woman minister,Janet Museveni.

The Cranes coach Micho, had three months of his salary settled in dollars and not in Uganda currency ahead of the game- so it was all smile coming into the game.

Also,The Egyptian national team,enjoyed all the comfort with the help of their responsible sports minister, Khalid Abdel Aziz.The Pharoes, in order to avoid any stress, reached Congo on Private jet.All these above mentioned emphasize, are a notice for Ghanaian sports minister,the so called Ex-journalist ,Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, to repent his way when it comes to a big tournament like world cup.Every country is serious and all the Government in those countries have put their political witch hunting and affiliations aside and helping their respective football bodies to gain smooth sailing to mundial.After accessing all the sports ministers participating in the world cup qualifiers in Africa, l have come to realized that, Nii Lantey, is the only one legging behind and not performing.He is far from the duty he was assigned to, but the most pathetic of them all is that you would see some few selfish journalist supporting him too.A journalist ,who becomes more active and benefit more when a tournaments like world cup is going on, are now hypocritically supporting the sports minister for the nation not qualify.

A journalist, who perform his job out of hatred for one particular person and support what is bad is not a good journalist.

Probably, Nii Lantey, wants to become the first minister under this current successful GFA not to qualify Ghana to world cup.That would be the worst record in his career as a minster because he has already achieved nothing ever since he came to office.l congratulate The FA for going ahead to play South African friendly despite the minister's resistance.There is no way he can dictate the kind of friendly the Black stars should play,he has no right.

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Source: Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah