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No One Can Manage The Political Force Of Rawlings

No One Can Manage The Political Force Of Rawlings Except God – Part One

The NDC under Mills’ presidency is now made up of DIFFERENT INTEREST GROUPS after the Party won the 2008 general election and each group is trying to let their voice heard be it Negative or positive within the governing party.

The only ISSUE that unites them is the NEED TO WARD OFF THE NPP and the desire to HOLD ON TO POLITICAL POWER. Yes, a desire to hold on to political power on a DIVIDED FRONT? Can you make it?

During the 2008 general elections, 98% of the FM stations that broadcast in the local languages were aligned to the then ruling NPP Party in Ghana.

The news line up on the state owned television was heavily biased towards the then ruling NPP and Public events received huge coverage in the print and electronic media to such an extent that it was very difficult to distinguish official government programmes from PARTY ACTIVITIES.

The opulent display of WEALTH by government ministers and functionaries of the then rulling NPP made them came across as arrogant, corrupt and power drunk with the air of impunity. It became noticeable that the NPP government was being uncaring since the then Minister of Information Stated that those who were poor should always eat “Konkonte” a local dish prepared from dried cassava.

Any fist time visitor to Ghana in the few months before the 2008 elections would have thought that there was only one political party involved in the elections and that party was the NPP. The various radio stations sympathetic to the NPP were broadcasting rumours about an NPP victory while their phone-in-programmes became filled with inflammatory language. The NPP produced a “Hit List” which alleged that if the NDC won the elections, certain important personalities including Pastors businessmen, Journalists and social commentators would be murdered by the NDC, and that some of the people named in the “Hit List” were even sent text messages threatening them. A dishonest member of the Council Of State claimed to have received threatening text messages. He invoked images of the 1979 Uprising on June 4, 1979 when Flt. Lt Jerry John Rawlings first came to power depicting him as Ghana’s NO. I MURDERER, but the NPP lost the election in 2008 because they could not take Ghanaians for a ride. It is now almost 3 years after the NDC won the elections, but NOT ONE OF THE PEOPLE ON THE “HIT LIST” HAS BEEN HARMED IN GHANA. President Mills is NOT A VOILENT MAN.

On a daily basis, NPP used the founder of the NDC and former President Rawlings as their TARGET, during their campaign showing IMAGES of the June 4 era and the execution of Ghana’s Former Military rulers in 1979 reminding voters that a return to military style rule will take place in Ghana if they vote for the NDC. Surpringly, the Danquah Busia tradition which the NPP represent today were those who were on the PAYROLL of the dreaded American C.I.A that helped Dr. K.A. Busia, Gern. Afrifa and Gen. Kotoka to violently overthrow the Late Dr. Nkrumah on 24th Feb. 1966. They were the very people who replaced the Preventive Detention Act (P.D.A) with the Protective Custody Decree in 1966 where thousands of innocent women and men were TORTURED to death while others were shot on sight such as the late General Bawah who was the then Chief of Defence Staff, (CDS at the time of that bloody coup in 1966). He was shot dead on his PRAYER MAT at Flagstaff House by Gen. Afrifa Dear reader, on the basis of their violent killings in politics from 1951, 1954, 1956 and their eventual violent overthrow of Dr. Nkrumah in 1966, the UP tradition which the NPP represent today has NO MORAL RIGHT TO TALK AGAINST MILITARY TAKE OVERS and brutalities against civilians in this country because they (NPP) are the originator of political violence in Ghana, they must shut up and go to Hell Mr. Mac Manu, former National Chairman of the NPP stated that the NPP would be in power for 30 years. The NPP must rather think about the main reason why they did not last for even one third of these thirty years. They assumed that the people of Ghana are Naive and Gullible to the extent that they would NOT KNOW IF THEY ARE SUFFERING as a result of government’s insensitivity towards their plight, but they never knew that Ghanaians would not reward ARROGANCE and IMPUNITY, secondly it is senseless telling the people that their economic and social conditions have improved while in actual fact the opposite is the case-so the NPP HAD A GREAT SHOCK in JAN. 2009. The NDC won after extreme sacrifice by NDC members including this writer. Prez. Mills was elected to create JOBS and NOT TO DO ANY DIFFERENT THING LIKE TRYING TO COLLAPSE THE PNC & CPP and add them to the NDC ideology-it will fail even though President Mills in his wisdom has left the NPP machinery intact, pro-NPP Journalists are spreading WILD MIS-INFORMATION through their bias newspapers intentionally and maliciously couched in a language that is very contemptuous of the sitting President.

These maliciously orchestrated campaign of LIES by the Pro-NPP media should have been rebutted by the Pro-NDC media, but who has time to sponsor or even pay these Pro-NDC media, but who has time to sponsor or even encourage them? Which Minister of state will care to even pay these Pro-NDC journalists a mere visit in their offices and pat their backs?

These Pro-NDC journalists are left to their fate when they are sued in the courts by NPP Ministers who demand billions of Ghana Cedis from these poor men – so whether the NDC is in opposition or in government, nobody cares a hoot about them. If that was the case and is still the case today 2011, then is the NDC worth dying for? Answer capital NO. it is just a matter for one to be extra careful in whatever one does, since it was and is still each one for himself and God for us all.

in just 2½ years of the NDC, President Mills administration has provided FREE SCHOOL UNIFORMS AND FREE TEX BOOKS, and FURTHER ELIMINATED OVER 1,500 SCHOOLS UNDER TREES and have turned them into MORTAR AND BRICK STRUCTURES and these are visible achievements of the government’s commitments to ensuring that Ghana youth has a very bright future through education.

Prez. Mills will also create more jobs for the un-employed youth through the OIL and GAS find in Ghana but it is a matter of time since Rome was not built in a day – in 2½ years. We say- SO FAR, SO BETTER THAN, the a first 5 years of Ex- Prez. Kufour’s NPP administration. Instead of highlighting such great achievements of Prez. Mills, we have the Alhaji Batures who falsely claim to be a cadre jumping from radio station to radio station condemning Jerry Rawlings even though he is not qualified enough to polish the shoes of the Rawlingses. Secondly, we have Kwesi Pratt Jnr. who also claim that once the Founder’s wife was defeated at the National Delegates Congress in Sunyani, Rawlings’ influence in the NDC will end forever. Was Kwesi Pratt day dreaming or what?

The Spirit of the NDC or the SOUL of the NDC is in the grassroots and not in the offices of Ministers of state or MMDCE’s so those 3,200 delegates can never ever MATCH the over 2 million people nationwide who always vote for the NDC because of Rawlings – if you doubt it – cross check these facts since you are both senior journalists of no mean reputation. You must NOT ROCK THE BOAT and TURN ROUND TO BLAME RAWLINGS and HIS WIFE, is that clear?

Thousands of footsoldiers including this writer still go to bed hungry and does not even know where the next meal will come from and yet we see some people who sat on the fence when we were STRUGGLLING IT OUT with the fabulously wealthy NPP state machinery between 2004-2008 who are now enjoying and even riding in flashy posh cars with tinted glasses. Those of us who laboured have been pushed aside systematically. We live to see.

Therefore, all those who are throwing their weights about and deceiving Prez. Mills to do away with the Rawlingses will all live to regret it, but it will be too late.

Their general behavior and utterances will quickly send the great NDC back to opposition. If you regard ANY BODY who associates himself with the Rawlingses as an enemy within the NDC, while NPP members, and CPP members are your new friends who would vote for the NDC to retain power in 2012 forget it Nobody is an enemy in the NDC and Nobody hate Prez. Mills, Nobody wants the NDC to go back to opposition for Mills to get ONLY ONE TERM AT ALL. Simply stop it now and let’s stop behaving like crabs in a bucket or……………….the rest must be completed by comrade Kwesi Pratt and Alhaji Bature who have the penchant for insulting people by heart in radio stations all over Accra.

Finally, No one can ever Manage the Political Force of Rawlings except God that was why we had the “Gye Nyame” symbol boldly printed in Ghana’s old currency notes. The ground is already boiling with regard to the NDC, so you sit down there and play the ostrich- the stinking blood of the wounded elephant will sweep all of you away. if you fail to listen – do I care? Because whether NDC is in opposition or in government it is the same suffering that we go through for we are maintained only by God. Is Any body Listening? I am done. Aluta continua!

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement