No lands for ‘Agenda 111’ hospitals untrue; The project lacks funding

Agenda 111 Hospital Agenda 111 lacks funding

Fri, 30 Sep 2022 Source: Joel Savage

I must clarify unequivocally that the NPP's assertion that the government is having trouble locating lands to carry out the project known as "Agenda 111" is incorrect. That is a big falsehood and deception; in reality, the government lacks the resources to carry out such a project. You may recall that this writer published "Akufo Addo's Agenda 111 Was A Deception" on March 25, 2022.

Dr. Thomas Anaba, the former medical director of Ridge Hospital, said to Ghanaians, during an interview with the journalist Okatakyia Afrifa, spoke on health issues and said that the goal of the "Agenda 111" initiative was to deceive Ghanaians. Akufo Addo and the NPP administration would stop lying to the populace if they truly respected Ghanaians and did not regard them as stupid.

Who in their right mind would think that the NPP government, which abandoned all unfinished projects by the former NDC government, including hospitals, schools, and affordable housing units, will return later to inform Ghanaians that they wanted to construct 111 hospitals across the nation, is having trouble finding land to carry out its "Agenda 111" project? This is not logical.

More importantly, the NPP government has been busy cutting sod since Akufo Addo became president without really starting any of those projects. When politicians keep lying and there is no longer any place to accommodate the lies or the falsehoods are no longer able to penetrate through the wall, that is when they try additional convincing techniques to make the public believe them. Not anymore in Ghana.

Only in Africa or African nations do governments use deception to maintain power. Why wouldn't any sane government that decides to start a project first research to ensure that the necessary cash and lands are accessible before ever announcing it to the public? Only the idiotic NPP government would act in such a way.

The NPP government has forgotten that since March 2020, the hospital serving the communities of La-Teshie-Nungua, which was demolished by Akufo Addo to build an ultra-modern hospital, hasn't been replaced. Instead, the NPP government thinks Ghanaians are children who can easily be deceived or convinced.

Why hasn't a hospital that was demolished after almost four years been replaced?

Who will believe the NPP government when it says they are having trouble acquiring lands to carry out Project "Agenda 111?" It's because of their financial difficulties, everyone knows that. The question is why is the NPP government unable to convey the truth to the public without continuously lying and misleading them?

I'll keep demonstrating to Ghanaians that the NPP government is not the best option for improving the country's economy or the level of living for its citizens. Although it's very sad, the truth is that I don't have any faith or confidence in Akufo Addo. He is a politician who lies, cheats, is dangerous, and selfish, and who wouldn't care about shedding the blood of the innocent to get what he wants.

I've learned from experience that many people who frequently lie are also chronic thieves because they are cut off from reality. Psychologists can attest to the fact that many people go on to become thieves, rapists, and murderers who started their early lives by telling lies. When you are cut off from reality, you are prone to do anything to gain power, and most politicians who are set to carry out those evil schemes to gain power can be quite dangerous.

On August 12, 2021, Bawumia stated that the NPP government has addressed the broken system, it inherited from Mahama's government during a discussion of the "Agenda 111" project under the heading: "Towering proof that Ghana is professionally being fixed." What are the current outcomes? For this reason, I maintain stating that any intelligent Ghanaian who believes the NPP government would rescue them from the difficulties and wreckage they have caused, should seek psychological assistance.

The Ministry claimed in a statement released by the Public Relations Unit that the GH600 million, equivalent to $100 million, was released to the Bank of Ghana's Health Infrastructure account in 2020 to support the implementation of the District and Regional Hospital Projects. The government had previously announced.

The Ministry of Finance refuted claims that the government had already spent GH600 million on Agenda 111 before the project's ground was broken, claiming that just GH36 million had been released as part of pre-construction mobilization. So how can GHC 36 million be engaged if the government is having trouble procuring lands for the project?

Recently, President Nana Akufo-Addo proudly vowed to Ghanaians once more that he will complete the "Agenda 111" project before leaving office. Now that he has his senses back, he understands that, even if the government manipulates the elections once more to cling to power, this is something that will never be accomplished. Ghanaians will watch them play and dance to their shameful music while they are seated calmly.

I shall never stop reminding the wise Ghanaians among the fools that they cannot rely on the NPP to provide for a better Ghana or future. The person who committed to fighting corruption has instead legitimized it by appointing dishonest politicians and media to his cabinet.

Akufo Addo also instructed the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, to unfreeze any assets that had been fraudulently acquired by the late Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie. No reasonable person should vote for the NPP government if Eugene Arhin and Paul Adom-Otchere are not put in jail because without fighting corruption in the right way, many politicians will make the same pledges without fulfilling them.

Columnist: Joel Savage