No leader can transform a country without the supernatural - Duncan-Williams

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Wed, 11 Sep 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Leader of Action Chapel International Church, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams says Ghana needs leaders who are ready to submit to the authority of God as only such leaders can transform the country.

He says these leaders will receive courage to take certain decisions “even if it will make them unpopular” to rescue the country from its current state.

Speaking on Tuesday’s edition of Good Evening Ghana, Archbishop Duncan-Williams noted that “the president and those who sit on the throne must recognise what we are talking about and must kneel and submit and must be aware of this thing…” adding that “if any president tell you they can come and sit on this throne and transform this country without the supernatural, it’s a joke”.

He, however, stressed that this transformation will only be possible with the next generation as they are currently being prepared for it.

“It will take the generation of our children who have walked with God, have an encounter with God, have experienced the power of God… it’s not just that they have God in them but they must understand what they are dealing with when they sit on that throne. It’s a very serious issue before you get there you must know what you are going to confront.”

Asked if holding a 40-day prayer session as a country will help resolve the issues, the Archbishop noted that the prayer session must be a corporate one with the leadership of the country committing himself to it as part of efforts to defeat the spirit that rules over the country.

He said, “it has to be a corporate prayer and the leadership of the country must commit himself to it, to proclaim and to superimpose the Lordship of Jesus Christ over the land”.

He added that there are many people who can help build the nation to the level we want it to be but they are being blocked by people around the leader.

“There are people in this country that have a lot to offer and can help leadership in this country but they will not be allowed to come close to leadership and some of them know it… and they are helping other nations to succeed but they won’t help their nation because if they try it they’ll be destroyed.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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