Opinions Wed, 24 Sep 2014

No resignation despite Brazil debacle

… do we lack honor as a people

I find in quite baffling the extent to which Ghanaians desperately fight to keep their positions even after experiencing spectacular failure or even when structure in those respect offices militates against their effort and therefore points to one ending- failure.

For most Ghanaians, the most important thing is getting the position. It matters less if their goals are not achieved so far as they can hold on to their position long enough.

Honorable is when a person realizes he has failed to lived up to expectation or produced the result he promised and steps down to reflect and possibly come back more equipped in the future. This is mystery to the ordinary Ghanaian.

I can’t recall a single person who voluntarily resigned Ghana except to escape and anticipated dismissal or in response to an order or recommendation to do so or get fired.

Going into the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Ghanaians were extremely optimistic and the FA led by Kwesi Nyantekye gave us cause to believe we were not day dreaming but that all was in place to ensure a good showing in Brazil. He even famously said the programs in place for the Black Stars were superior to those of the Europeans and Americas. Not to talk of our African counterparts and Asians.

The result, your guess is as good as mine.

On the pitch we were awful, outside the pitch a disaster.

From the playing body to the technical team, right to the management team and the government, everyone mandated to do a thing or two for Ghana, failed mother Ghana.

We became a global laughing stock and by far the worse nation in the tournament or to make it sound better, we shared that accolade with Cameroon.

From a government that airlifted money from Ghana to Brazil; to minister who was so useless; to the team that he could not even use his influence to bring calm; an FA that failed in almost every organization in relation to the tournament; a technical team that lost control of the camp all to a playing body that broke camp rules countless times, not a single person in this chain of errors has resigned to save the little honor left.

Kwesi Appiah unfortunately saw his romance with the team brought to a premature end; he didn’t resign after falling shot of expectations and losing the dressing room as the head coach- he was fired.

Joseph Yamin, who shameless stood on national television to say that most of the supporters who have currently been granted one year asylum in Brazil, we going to be from NDC and further publicly announced the airlifting of cash to Brazil is still a Minister.

The crying minister, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah who conducted himself as a fun loving spectator and forgot his mission and position is now a minister of state in the President’s bosom.

Our FA President kum Black Stars Management Member kum Waa All Star owner, Kwesi Nyantekyi is still at post.

Are we not amazing?

In a country where honor is relegated to the background and failure means less that loosing position, progress will always elude it.

Ghana is a perfect example of such country and the aftermath of Brazil 2014 makes this claim perfectly credible.

We are pathetic!

Isaac Kyei Andoh
Columnist: Andoh, Isaac Kyei