Sports Features Thu, 10 Sep 2015

OPINION:Black Stars players deserve winning bonus

Since the Black Stars played Mauritius in June, the government only paid their winning bonus the morning before we played Rwanda in September. What has changed?

I wrote an open letter to the president, His Excellency John Dramami Mahama and many people thought I was joking. Now, the winning bonus for the Rwanda game is in arrears. When will it be paid?

Even with what has been paid, the management committee members as well as the technical team has not been paid.

I find it difficult to understand the behavior of government with regards to the winning bonus. Why this attitude of late?

Let me point this out that the government must never assume they are frustrating any single person as the football world will never forgive this government for the way they are treating handlers of our most adored game, football.

Are winning bonuses part of the game of football? Brazil is a football lord, they pay winning bonuses. Argentina, they pay. France, they pay etc.

We hear politicians finding all sort of excuses by saying the country is in economic turmoil. Lies!!!

Who told you what the politicians are saying is true. It’s a lie. Ghana is not in any economic turmoil. They are not telling us the truth.

Find out from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the number of ministers who travel outside monthly on official duties and the per diem they carry along.

So as for economic turmoil leave it out. We have everything a country needs to develop yet we are struggling. They are misusing money and telling us economic what? Please let’s leave it hear.

Now to the substantive issue, we must come to the realization that both parties (players and the nation) need each other to succeed.

At one point, one will need one more than the other. And at this point, we need to weave our ways to ensure a successful marriage between the two bodies.

Financing sports is part of the countries responsibilities. That is why we have the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

People talk about players being patriotic and dying for mother Ghana. In terms of security, we have the army and other services protecting us day and night. Are they not paid? Is there any patriotic job than that?

When the Ghana Armed force is going on a Peace Keeping Missions, almost every officer lobbies to be part of the mission. Why? Because they are paid well. Is there anything patriotic than fighting to bring peace in a different country on behalf of your country? Yet they are paid.

Yes we are all dying for the country but we are paid; the teacher, doctor, engineer, politician, etc. That is their job. Leave them alone.

If it is just about playing football, then why don’t we go to circle and call people to play for Ghana?

Remember, football is not ONLY played for trophies. England is one country that has used soccer to develop but when was the last time they won the World Cup or the European Championship?

Football is a job. Its not a game of passion anymore. So please let’s give our players what they deserve. It is a full time employment which changes the lives of millions.

Do you know the thousands that are employed by Asamoah Gyan or Abedi Pele or Kwesi Nyantakyi or Delali Senaya or or or…?

So please let’s not be too passionate about this bonus issue. If the government won’t pay, better tell the players and those who will play will come. The Black Stars did not suddenly become like this? We can choose to go back to where we started. Fair enough.
Source: ghanasoccernet.com