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Osofo Nkuto booed and chased out of Kumawu funeral ground

SIR JOHN FUNERAL Crowd A one week traditional funeral observations was held

Sat, 2 Apr 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

The renowned Osofo Nkuto in the Ghanaian Christendom has suffered public humiliation on Thursday, 31 March 2022.

He was booed and chased out of the one-week traditional funeral observations for the late Major.

Major was his junior pastor whom he parted ways with for reasons only best known to themselves.

Many Ghanaians, especially those within the Christian fraternity and were aware of the relationship between Osofo Nkuto and Major, are very suspicious about the untimely demise of Major.

They suspect Osofo Nkuto of having a diabolic role to play in the sickness and death of Major.

Therefore, he was considered a persona non grata at the funeral ground. However, he attended the funeral not only as an uninvited person but also, wanted to exercise a show off authority over the bereaved Major's family, friends and sympathizers.

His pompous action infuriated some Kumawuman citizens so much so that they had to boo and chase him and his entourage out of the funeral grounds using sticks and stones.

Osofo Nkuto had better comport himself, re-examine his prophetic work and remorsefully go on his knees to beg for God's forgiveness of sins.

Major was my nephew. I had the chance to introduce myself to him while on his sickbed in his father's house when l paid his father a visit. He neither knew me nor did l know him since he was born while l was living outside Ghana.

Major and Osofo Nkuto are not only from Kumawu but are somehow related through Major's father's clan to Osofo Nkuto's mother.

Can Osofo Nkuto exonerate himself from blame with regard to the circumstances leading to the death of Major?

Columnist: Rockson Adofo