Our local languages are fading out gradually in the country

Opinions We are gradually loosing our local dialect

Mon, 9 Aug 2021 Source: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large

Speaking correct grammar does not necessarily put food on the table. The fact that someone speaks good English doesn't make the person intelligent, brilliant, and wiser than those who can't speak.

Normally, we always talk about a child's rights without knowing that refusing or depriving your child to speak and understand his or her own local language is also against child rights.

According to Ghana Education Service (GES)laws, students in classes one to three must be taught in their local languages but most teachers flout the laws.

Most parents must try their best to speak their local language with their children, for them to understand it.

By research, most children understand whatever they are taught in their local languages properly.

Most children do not know our culture and understand our customs. Simple because their parents refused to speak the local language with them.

I will plead with parents who don't speak the local language with their children should begin to do so, for their teachers in the school will take care of the English language.

In a country like China, all the Chinese speak their local language, and it has contributed to the growth of their economy and the development of their country.

Recently, there was a section of Queen mothers who went to a conference, one of their leaders spoke angrily and said anytime they meet because of the English language most of them become quiet throughout the meeting, for they can't express themselves in the English language.

We shouldn't allow the speaking of the English language to be a mask to scared us, to express ourselves.

The stop speaking vernacular tag in our various Schools must be removed as soon as possible, it is nonsense, nobody should impose the speaking of English language on our neck.

That village mentality of thinking that, when someone speaks English it means the person is civilized, is not true, English speaking doesn't show civilization.

Let's look at our politicians with all their correct grammar. What have they done for this country; , is it not create, loot, and share they always champion?

I suggest that there should be a law that if someone speaks English and there is a grammatical dysfunction in it, and someone laughs at the person, there will be a jail sentence for the person who laughed.

Nowadays most media Houses that are known to be English-speaking media houses are trying to mix the local language in their presentation, which they need to be applauded.

Some English-speaking churches, now have local language services which are also good. Let's promote our local languages, that's what we have as a country.

Columnist: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large