Our ‘no vote’ campaign was potent - Economic Fighters League

Thu, 10 Dec 2020 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

The Economic Fighters League has expressed confidence in its ‘No Vote’ campaign it initiated before the 2020 polls.

The group says the outcome of the polls shows that the campaign achieved its goal in ensuring that Ghanaians pause and examine the systems we have to ensure an all-inclusive governance.

In a press statement copied to Rainbowradio, Leader of the group, Ernesto Yeboah said, “The #NoVote2020 campaign was also designed as an opportunity for Ghanaians to pause and examine the system that has been weaponized against them. The political parties forming our so-called ‘multiparty democracy’ are the custodians of this rotten system, which in itself is underpinned by the 1992 sakawa constitution, which promotes an unjust and unequal society. One needs only examine the constitutional immunities made available to Presidents who have stolen our gold, bauxite and more, or look at the ex-gratia paid out to Article 71 office holders to know that this is not a system built By or For the People.

"#NoVote2020 is one of the steps towards the reclamation of power for the People. No longer should we be forced to pick between ‘dead goats and serpents’. No longer should we be forced to consider fake alternatives whose only duty is to prop up the two evils and legitimise the system. No longer should the People of our great nation be forced to accept any form of self-interested leadership that focuses on personal gains, as opposed to the needs of the nation, the People,” he added.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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