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Part of the strategy for NPP to win election 2024

Mahamudu Bawumia Newewe112 Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana

Tue, 16 Nov 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

For NPP to make any meaningful inroads into winning election 2024 to break that deplorable, corruption-induced and economy-retarding cycle of alternating 8 years in power and 8 years out, between them and NDC, they have to consider many factors very seriously.

They will simply be jokers should they continue in their current trend, believing that they can impose their preferred candidates on constituencies and districts contrary to the wish of the majority of the constituents or the eligible voters in such areas.

The obstinacy by the leaders to do as they want, often imposing their choice of candidates to run on the ticket of NPP on a constituency, regardless of the preference of the electorates in the area who wield the power to elect a candidate for parliament in such constituencies, will surely militate against the chances of NPP breaking the enigmatic 8-year alternating cycle.

Insisting on certain candidates going unopposed as parliamentary candidates on their party ticket in certain constituencies, for all the fine-tuning reasons they adduce for their action, will hurt them badly in election 2024.

Regardless of the experience of a candidate or his services to the party, it should not belong to the NPP leadership to impose him or her on the constituency if the constituents who have the power to elect or reject, do not want such a candidate to represent them in parliament.

The NPP has been repeating their decision to impose certain people on some constituencies while denying the preferences of the constituents at a great cost of losing parliamentary seats yet, as stubborn as they are, they are unperturbed. With such despicably political incorrectness, how do they envisage breaking their sloganized, “Break the 8 years”?

It is not simply by word of mouth but by positive action that the slogan can materialize. How I hope they are not tickling themselves and laughing.

From the perception etched in the minds of many a Ghanaian that the NPP is the "Akans party” (Akanfo3 party), although as erroneous as it sounds, concluding from the fact its membership cuts across all the tribes in Ghana with persons of northern extraction holding the Vice President position, I will advise NPP to take that sticking problem into consideration if and only if, they want to break that 8-year rotational cycle, the bane of Ghana’s economy.

Putting many politically correct strategies together, I will in the meantime advise NPP as a party alleged to be more visionary, dynamic and dedicated to the service of their people and country, as follows:

1. They must allow unadulterated democratic principles to prevail when electing their parliamentary candidates at the NPP primaries.

2. They must not seek to impose, or impose, candidates of the choice of the leadership on the constituencies contrary to the choice of the constituents’ to avoid the situation of the constituents’ preferred candidates going independent and winning the seats.

3. The NPP national delegates tasked to choose the party’s flagbearer for election 2024 must be politically savvy. They should bear in mind who is the likely candidate to be able to break that disgusting alternating 8-year cycle between the NPP and NDC. They must be able to put many factors on the table, consider and weigh each, then combine all to finally decide who can win them the presidency when presented to the Ghanaian electorate.

4. The delegates should not be influenced by who is able to buy them but who can win the seat for the party and the nation. This means, the delegates must not be selfish but selfless; must not be myopic but farsighted; must not be irrational but rational.

5. All those who will be competing for the flagbearer slot should bear in mind that they want to win the seat, and they can win it. Their objective is to win the seat. What, if a candidate sees themselves as able to win the flagbearer slot but unable to win the presidency, how does it serve their interest, the interest of the nation and their aspiration to break the horrendous 8-year rotational cycle?

6. The NPP must resource their communication teams across the nation, arm them with facts, send them to the ground to explain the government’s policies and programmes to the public and how with a little patience, the public as individuals, and in the long term, will be the beneficiaries.

7. The NPP leaders living in opulence, slamming their doors in the face of their foot soldiers, must immediately cease such their despicable actions. Their attitude of biting the finger that fed them a few years ago, making it possible to bring them to power, must cease immediately.

8. The NPP government must cogently explain to the people that human wants are many but the means to satisfy them is limited. Therefore, the government cannot simultaneously provide every town in the country their essential needs as may be demanded of her but with time, their needs will be met. Communication is a vital tool in the success of every business, the NPP must bear that in mind.

9. The NPP Members of Parliament must be seen to frequent their constituencies, interact with the people and be seen to represent them actively on the floor of, and in, parliament.

10. The NPP must have a strategist. A strategist is different from a Campaign Manager.

11. President Nana Akufo-Addo to turbo-charge (make more powerful, fast, or exciting) the Special Prosecutor into action. The Special Prosecutor must be seen to be delivering but not only talking.

I may not for personal reasons be able to campaign actively for NPP in the years leading to Election 2024. However, if I had my own way, I will suggest to the NPP delegates to vote for Dr Alhaji Mahammudu Bawumia for the NPP flagbearer slot.

He, being the presidential candidate with Hon. Kwadwo Alan Kyeremateng aka Alan Cash as his Vice will be the best combination for NPP possibly breaking that detestable chain of an 8-year rotational cycle between them and NDC. That alternating cycle always sets the nation’s clock of economic development backward.

All the other many candidates that will present themselves for the flagbearer position are mere distractions if the NPP is serious to win election 2024. However, their submission for the contest must be accommodated since that is the beauty of democracy but they must know their stand already.

I shall not be repeating myself so the NPP leadership had better note carefully the few suggestions I may be made to them from time to time. They can ignore them at their own peril.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo