Partisan politics is an imposition and a borrowed culture - Ben Brako

Sat, 26 Sep 2020 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

Ghanaian highlife musician, Ben Brako has stated categorically that he does not believe in partisan politics.

The musician speaking on Rainbow Entertainment said he does not believe in it because it is an imposition and borrowed culture.

He was responding to a question on why he has failed to go into politics to address some of the issues he had problems with, in Ghana.

He explained this system makes people feel obliged and abuse politics and sold democracy to Ghanaians believe that it is only through voting we can exercise our rights.

"It is a damn lie because if examined properly, you will see that once every four years, you are allowed to make a choice between two parties who are basically not different.”

People invest in politics so they can achieve power and not based on the interest of those who voted for them, he added.

Ben Brako also revealed he has consistently refused political appointments because he feels the system is not shaped to help the power.

The presidency he declared is infested with too much which leads to manipulation and influence of our Electoral Commission (EC), Judiciary and other state institutions.

To him, these things reflects on how the entertainment industry works.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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