Pastor narrates how a man left his wife after she allowed robbers to rape her to spare his life

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Wed, 2 May 2018 Source: Class FM

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has told a heart-wrenching story of a man who divorced his wife right after the couple, under duress, agreed that she should be gang-raped by armed robbers who invaded their home, so that the couple’s lives could be spared by the attackers who asked the duo to choose between killing the man; and raping the wife to spare them both.

The founder of Action Chapel International told the “true story” to demonstrate how women in Ghana are bearing the brunt of armed robbery while their counterparts in other parts of the world also bear the brunt of wars and other forms of devastation.

Below is the full story, as told by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, without mentioning names, to his congregation during the second service on Sunday, 29 April 2018.

“I was being told about a true story that happened that some armed robbers went to this house and attacked a couple, a husband and a wife, and told the man that we either rape your wife or we kill you; and the man and the wife agreed that they [armed robbers] should rape the woman, and after raping the woman, the man decides to leave her because the armed robbers said: ‘You [woman] have to show us some style in front of your husband’. So, after they left, the husband said: “Ehhh! So, you know all these styles and you haven’t done it for me’. And the wife said: ‘But I did it for you to save your life’. And he said: ‘No, I don’t want you anymore’. True story”, he narrated, adding: “It looks some way but it’s nothing but wickedness of the highest order”.

“What they are doing to women is not good and it has to stop in the name of Jesus. It’s evil, it’s a plague, it’s a pestilence, it has to stop”, Archbishop Duncan-Williams added.

Source: Class FM
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