People despised Rawlings, but others wished for a new Rawlings to bring change to Ghana

Jerry John Rawlings?resize=713%2C494&ssl=1 Late former president, J.J Rawlings

Sat, 4 Jun 2022 Source: Joel Savage

John Jerry Rawlings is a man who does not require an introduction. As one of Ghana's presidents, Rawlings made his mark on the country's political scene with the "House Cleaning Exercise," which included the arrest and execution of corrupt ex-Ghanaian leaders, earning him international acclaim as one of Africa's most ruthless leaders.

Even though Rawling's impact on Ghana was far better than what Ghanaians are experiencing today, under Akufo Addo's government, from the time he became a leader until his death, many people, including tribal folks, make it sound as if the ex-Ghanaian leader is the evilest person on earth.

Like many Ghanaians, I used to oppose Rawlings because, in my opinion, the killing of ex-Ghanaian politicians and other people he judged corrupt was pointless, given that corruption in Ghana today is far worse than it was during his time.

People, unlike many Ghanaians who are uninterested in a military rule, desire for a new Rawlings today to alter things in the country since things have utterly deteriorated under the NPP administration, and Ghanaians can no longer bear the sufferings Akufo Addo has created.

Many African politicians despise coup governments, not because they are horrible regimes, but because they are afraid of being arrested and imprisoned for crimes they are unwilling to pay for. Many countries have dictatorships supported by democratic administrations, despite politicians claiming democracy is the best government.

Democracy, in my opinion, has perpetrated far more crimes against humanity than a military regime, especially when one considers the crimes committed by the US government against humanity in the past, including African-Americans who are descendants of slaves, decades after slavery was abolished.

"You'll only miss your water when your well runs dry," they say. Even if many Ghanaians wished for a strong leader like Rawlings to liberate them from the oppression, poverty, hunger, and dictatorship they have been subjected to under Akufo Addo, he is no longer alive. Rawlings will not return.

Columnist: Joel Savage