Perhaps their senses are on political hiatus - Raymond Edem Tamekloe writes

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Thu, 16 Jun 2022 Source: DOCTOR KWADWO YE-LARGE

As to why we haven’t subjected this Government to the scourge of our anger and untold distress as of yet, I am unable to fathom. Because the more keenly I follow controversial issues of national concern, the deeper the pain cuts, the more livid I become but there’s very little I can do as just one of the lots. If they mean to be intransigent in their senselessness then they must be made to incur proportionate ramifications of same.

To think that it had to take leveling some 50 buildings to the ground, including Judges Bungalows, Scholarship Secretariat, Judicial Training Institute, and Passport Office amongst others, to pave way for the construction of the National Cathedral, does surely affirm the lack of sense of propriety by our leaders.

But what is even more insulting, as implied by surfacing revelations from Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa is the $6.5 taxpayer liability owed to one of the private buildings razed to the ground, Waterstone Realty Limited Luxury Apartments. Chances are that another GHC 51.6bn will be siphoned illegally out of the coffers to offset this debt in the coming days, given that the property owners have threatened court action.

It would interest you to know that this amount if committed to expanding basic education, would produce some 170,000 fully furnished school blocks at a unit cost of GHC 300,000 as have been constructed in the past by AirtelTigo as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. This will significantly downsize school under tree situations in the country and help Government fulfill its social justice responsibilities to thousands of underprivileged Ghanaian children.

The worsening economic situations and abject poverty, the likes of which have not been seen in a very long time, are evidently short of serving as enough reason for judicious spending, frugality, and utmost prudence in Government dealings. The wasteful expenditure and lack of sense of priority by the Government continue to beat me.

Demons and principalities are within the details somewhere cos Ei, I just do not understand what runs through the minds of the people at the apex of the political order.

I’m distraught!