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Permit me to question the leaders and the law enforcement agents in Ghana

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Sat, 7 Aug 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

Sorry, I am beginning to doubt the integrity of the leadership of Ghana, especially, the law enforcement agents. For how long should we bear with the leadership’s nonchalance or lackadaisical attitude to matters bordering on the safety and security of the citizenry?

It is becoming unbecoming of our leaders, especially the police and the National Security departments, to sit on their lap with arms folded around their chests watching without taking action when confirmed murders are taking place without ever ending.

I get highly infuriated and would want to drag the entire Ghanaian leadership to the cleaners whenever I hear of pastors and other ritualists claiming on air (television and radio) that they have killed a number of people but without any action taken against them.

Are the leaders, police force, National Security agents and other affiliated security experts and personnel in the country any serious? Their nonchalance is nothing less than an exhibition of incompetence, cluelessness and their lack of love for the safety and protection of the citizens.

Many a time, some Ghanaian pastors, occultists and ritualists come on air to assert that they have killed a number of people in their quest for power, fame and riches. They make these public confessions without being under duress but out of their own volition and the feel of pomposity. Why can’t they be arrested, investigated, prosecuted and convicted?

Before I proceed, let me pause to ask the nation’s president who is a lawyer by profession, all lawyers and judges in Ghana, security experts, National Security operatives, the police and all discerning Ghanaians the following question. Can a sane person arraigned before the court be judged and found guilty on their own self-confession to committing a crime, say, murder? Or, self-confessions made not under duress but voluntarily truthfully, are not taken as credible, permissible and acceptable evidence? I want the president through to the security agents and discerning Ghanaians on the street to answer me.

Why is it that Rev. Obofour could come on air and subsequently place a recorded video on the social media boasting that he knows a business tycoon in Ghana who knows how to kill, and has killed, many people, and again, drinks human blood but nobody bothered to find out more from him let alone, investigate or prosecute him?

Again, we had one Demon Breaker, one Manasseh and others going on Net2Tv to claim their awareness of, and involvement in, instances of pastors murdering people for power, fame and riches.

They affirmed their readiness to help the nation’s security agents to investigate their claims. However, nobody bothered themselves about it.

There was even a pastor who claimed to have personally taken his own poor mother to a shrine and personally killed her in order for him to become popular, famous and rich, yet, nobody did anything to him.

Are we serious as a nation? Are the leaders of the nation very serious? Do they take matters concerning the safety and protection of the citizens very seriously? Does the law permit people to kill others with impunity?

Some people in Ghana take offense when Ghanaians returning home from abroad take others on when they see them behaving irresponsibly. It is not that Ghanaians residing abroad see themselves as one inch taller than their compatriots back home but that they can’t stand the rubbish going on in Ghana that Ghanaians back home accept for normal practice in their belief of “Ghana dee saa”

The law agents in the Whiteman’s land will investigate any unresolved murder as soon as any evidence comes up, let alone, the unknown murderer coming out publicly to self-confess to the crime.

This is regardless of the length of time the murder has gone on unresolved but still pending. It could be a hundred years or over. There is no expiry date set on murder crime.

Why is it that in Ghana, some people come out to claim they have killed so many people but nobody cares about questioning, let alone, investigating them? A male guest on Otec FM 102.9 FM “Asem beba dabi” programme hosted by Krobea Nana Yaw Asante claims to have killed an uncountable number of women by the help of his smartphone. What have the nation’s security agents done following this revelation? ZILCH!

That is Ghana for you.

Any Ghanaian who knows where Manasseh is in Germany should please let me know. I shall send the videos of his own self-confession to committing or participating in, murders of innocent Ghanaians, to the German police, Amnesty International and other relevant authorities to investigate him for murder or to assist in resolving the murders of certain innocent but missing Ghanaians in Ghana.

Ghanaian leaders, security agents and discerning persons let us wake up to stop the murders constantly being committed by our fake pastors, prophets and ritualists.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo