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Pitiless family member arranges a criminal to swindle a disabled couple

Rockson842 The author advises that individuals should be on the look out for enemies within their family

Sat, 18 Sep 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

This is a true story that any Ghanaian coming across this publication is not only advised to take note of but to forward it to their friends, family members, and fellow countrymen as a warning to them to be on their lookout for enemies or criminals within their family.

It is also to alert Ghanaians to how sophisticated criminals seeking quick buck in Ghana have become, apart from, or in addition to, their propensity to take to armed robbery, murder, and occultism to enrich themselves.

Just this Sunday, 11th September 2021, someone asked her husband to help her remit money to her disabled, thus, stroke-stricken-cum-bed-ridden younger mother back home in Ghana. This disabled woman is about sixty-six years old. She lives with her husband who has become totally blind for almost the past six years.

The money was sent to a very trusted lady who has devoted her time to care for the disabled couple, although she does not live permanently with them. She is so to speak, a daughter of the disabled woman’s younger brother. She is honest and does the right thing all the time and according as she will be instructed.

When the money was transferred from London into her mobile money (momo) account in Ghana, a phone call was placed by the wife to confirm it has arrived. The person in Ghana onto whose mobile phone the money did say yes, to the hearing of both the couple in question and another woman present who is an extended family member of the blind man.

This woman upon hearing the money has arrived, told the lady who is stated to be very caring, to send the money to the blind woman’s deceased elder sister’s daughter in Accra. She said, ….(name withheld), has spent a lot of money on the sick woman hence must be given the money to reduce the debt she has incurred or the money she has spent on her.

Sending the money from London was to help the sick persons but not to be given to anyone to reduce the debt they have somehow incurred on them. The person who sent the money told the receiver to use it for the purpose for which it was sent.

Mysteriously, however, a phone call was received by the disabled couple two days later after the man’s said a family member had left. She lives in Kumasi. The phone call simply informed her of receiving delivery of goods from London from….(the first name of her daughter who had barely three or two days earlier remitted her money from London was mentioned).

The person did mention her daughter’s name correctly and said the delivery was from her. She further said your daughter (name mentioned but hereby withheld) who lives in London is the one who has sent you’re the goods.

The caller then said there is an amount of four hundred Cedis (Ghs400), thus 4 million old Ghana Cedis, to be paid by you for the goods to be taken to you. The caller then gave her mobile money account to pay the money into for the goods to be delivered to her.

Knowing she had a few days ago spoken with her daughter who immediately sent her money and had told her the things she needed subsequent upon which she was sent the money, she believed the caller. She transferred the money to the caller as requested. That was the last time she heard from the caller. No goods were ever delivered to her. She could no longer reach that unknown caller.

Now, let public readers note the following.

1. The money was not sent to the disabled mother directly by, or in the name of, her daughter, but by the husband on her behalf without her name appearing anywhere in the process. The husband bears a totally different name to the wife’s.

2. How could the swindler caller know her name and mentioned it correctly to her?

3. The money was transferred to her via a lady who cares for her and into that lady’s mobile money account.

4. How could the caller get the disabled woman’s mobile number which appeared nowhere in the process in regard to the money sent to her?

5. The disabled woman’s brother’s daughter is honest and will never do any dodgy thing like that.

6. Who could have arranged with an unknown person to dupe the disabled couple?

Some family members could be dodgy, collude with outsiders to dupe or harm members of their own family.

To conclude, Ghanaians are advised to be careful about how sophisticated some Ghanaian swindlers have become, abusing the technologies in place to facilitate things for the general good of humanity. They are rather putting them to bad use to dupe fellow citizens. The news must be spread once again about how crooks phone up unsuspecting people as in this narrative, to steal money from them.

Whenever anyone phones you up asking you to send money to them for any reason, especially about receiving goods from your relations abroad, please don’t send them any money. First, try to contact your relative abroad for confirmation. No one abroad will send you anything without first paying the entire charged fee or informing you in advance.

Ghanaians residing abroad must beware of their dodgy family members who are often suspected of alerting criminals to their arrival in the country to get them to come and rob or kill them.

How could anyone get the necessary information to ring to dupe the disabled couple? Who could be the suspect?

Columnist: Rockson Adofo