Political Science students defend Prof Gyampo, reject 'shambolic BBC exposé’

Fri, 25 Oct 2019 Source: 3 News

The Political Science Students’ Association (POSSA) has jumped to the defence of suspended senior lecturer of the University of Ghana, Prof Ransford Yaw Gyampo, who was cited in a BBC alleging sex-for-grade exposé.

Prof Gyampo, who is the head of the Centre for European Studies, has vehemently denied the supposed sex for grade and allegation of sexually harassing a lady the BBC planted to lure him.

Notwithstanding, he and one other lecturer cited in the expose have since been interdicted by authorities of the University of Ghana, which has commenced an investigation into the allegations.

BBC “a rogue media”

Commenting on the matter Thursday, the 2018 Year Group of POSSA held the BBC exposé failed “to establish any case of extortion, solicitation, abuse of power, intimidation or coercion” against Prof Gyampo.

“The piece fails to establish a case of Sex for Grades as widely publicized” a statement signed by leader of the 2018 year group argued.

The apparent angry political Science Students described the BBC as “a rogue media” which is on “a sinister agenda to run down an enviable reputation without course or purpose”.

‘Consenting adults’

The 2018 Year Group said while they frown on any act of solicitation on the part of lecturers or students, the exposé only showed “two consenting adults who have built a rapport over the course of weeks and have exchanged gestures of intimacy”.

Referencing a BBC letter, the indicated the BBC has admitted that Prof Gyampo was targeted and profiled because he is a big fish, “powerful and influential”.

“We vehemently reject this shambolic exposé and support the legal action announced by our lecturer,” the statement said.

“As formal and current students, we know who Professor Ransford Gyampo is and what a great asset he is to the Political Science Department, University of Ghana and Ghana as a whole.

They added “We know he will be vindicated by a competent court of law and his God will surely not forsake him. This one too shall pass Prof. Yaw Gyampo. We are with you”.

Source: 3 News
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