General News Sun, 9 Feb 2020

Political parties urged to append their signatures on vigilantism

The Greater Accra East Regional Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Rev. Dr. Joseph Baisie has asked all stakeholders to come to a compromise with regards to the controversy surrounding the new voter’s registers.

Speaking at the 2nd Regional Council meeting of the Greater Accra East of the Assemblies of God, Rev. Baisie said Ghana has been a role model in democracy for decades and there is a responsibility on all who matters in the elections to ensure that the 2020 polls is conducted in a peaceful atmosphere.

Rev Baisie charged political parties to as a matter of urgency append their signatures to the road map developed by the National Peace Council on vigilantism.

He urged the political parties to not only append their signatures but stay committed to the road map for the peace of the country.

The Regional council of the Greater Accra East of the Assemblies of God is an annual gathering of clergymen and women and other departmental heads who make the work of ministry possible in the region.

The meeting affords participants to review the churches activities in the past year and also plan new programs and strategies for the New Year. At this year’s conference there is a focus on church growth and expansion with a vision 3000 project to encourage the clergy open new church branches.

In order to remain relevant and impact society, the church is also undertaking a capacity building for pastors and other departmental leaders to become agents of church.

Addressing the participants at the council meeting the Greater Accra East Regional Superintendent Rev. Dr. Joseph Baisie was worried with the increasing corruption cases saying these corruption allegations tarnishes the image of the country and all individuals must join in the fight against the canker.

On the elections 2020 Rev. Baisie said all parties must reach a compromise and ensure that the processes leading to the elections are peaceful. He added that all parties must endeavor to end the activities of vigilantism.

Participants at the council meeting took time to praise and sing song of worship and also prayed for the country.

The General Secretary of AG, Rev. Dr. Bismark Bansah, praised AG for meeting up to the challenge of establishing 2000 churches in keeping up with Vision 3000 of AG.

He also encouraged the leaders to strive to establish 1000 more churches to meet up with the vision.

Rev. Dr. Bansah, who spoke on behalf of the General Superintendent of AG, observed that the church's fellowship should be with the Holy Spirit which meant that the church prayed endlessly, committed herself to the word of God and forgave one another so that she could fight together as a strong entity.

In addressing the issue of indiscipline and unfaithfulness among pastors, he said “that while some of our pastors are doing a good and commendable work, the same cannot be said of others; Some are unfaithful to their churches, their spouses and the organization, and this ungodly behaviors are bringing reproach to the Lord Jesus Christ, but the leaders are cracking the whip and would continue to expose such people to bring sanity into the organization.”

He cautioned part-time ministers of AG to stick to their terms of agreement and stop behaving as full time ministers.

The council meeting will deliberate on activities of the passing year, make resolution for the New Year and ordain ministers who have completed their years of training.
Source: Gloria Anderson, Contributor
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