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Poor Ghanaian timekeeping and love of corruption

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Tue, 7 Sep 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

Corruption, the bane of every economy in the developing countries throughout the world, has so shamefully ramified in Ghana. It has got its tentacles touching almost everybody in Ghana, especially, the politicians and the civil servants appointed to high offices.

It has become so intractable that President Nana Akufo-Addo that many a Ghanaian hoped and trusted to deal a deadly blow to that cancer called corruption, has become like a hungry dog sitting behind a bar of soap. He is completely incapable of solving the issue of corruption in Ghana.

It has got out of his hands because of how dishonest most of the politicians and trusted official appointees may have become.

It may only take President Paul Kagame of Rwanda to solve Ghana’s corruption using his no-nonsense pragmatism.

From a Kenyan woman’s experience in Ghana, although corruption is equally tormenting her own country Kenya, that of Ghana is as tenfold as her country’s.

Corruption as it is obvious in Ghana and confirmed by the Kenyan woman has the potential to scare foreign and local investors away from investing in the country to create the needed jobs for the citizens, especially the youth.

It is only a fool that does not know the devastations that corruption is causing to the general wellbeing of the country and the people. This corruption has been made worse by the dirty politics being practiced in the country, as is especially spearheaded by the rogue NDC political party inundated with propagandists.

The corruption has been so entrenched, branching into every sphere of Ghanaian life all because of the non-enforcement of the laws of the land. The laws curbing crimes are only effectively applied to the poor in the society while the rich persons, powerful traditional overlords, politicians, civil service heads, judges of the courts, most of whom turn out to be the biggest thieves and criminals, get away without even a slap on their wrist. Shame though!

In a country where the police are openly taking bribes in the glaring view of the public and to the hearing of the leaders of the country but nothing is done to them, how can the nation ever prosper? How can corruption ever be stopped?

A nation where a woman allegedly stealing five Cedis (Ghs 5) without a gun or knife pointed at her victim is immediately jailed to a prison term by the courts but politicians, civil service heads, and some in bigger positions stealing millions of Cedis are left off the hook, has no future.

Is it not a disgrace to us as Ghanaians to sit down believing that corruption is a way of life but where only elected and appointed officials steal millions of the country’s money while the majority of the people live in penury?

A Kenyan foreigner, but not the only one of her kind, has noticed the devastation corruption and the inherent but bad Ghanaian timekeeping is doing to the development of the nation, thus, retarding it.

What is the government of Ghana doing about the observations by the Kenyan woman as vividly expressed in the video?

A word to the wise is enough.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo