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Post Agbewo Demo: Ghanaians are scandalised and traumatised

Yesterday, 07/02/2019, must be regarded as one of the bleak days in Ghana’s democratic dispensation.

When the largest opposition party with continually diminishing sense of nationalism and national importance connives with a dead opposition party, whose members had abandoned post to serve for other parties, touts an impending demonstration that comes flying right back into its face like the Boomerang of the Australian Aborigines because the numbers were embarrassing and not up to quorum to be termed a sensible gathering of sensible people, then you know that the nation feels the scandal of having in its midst idiots, unfashionable stooges, disorganised teeths, and uncouth women lamenting the progress of a party in power that is working hard to ensure that the thieves of the NDC remain in opposition for a long time.

For example, some of the supposed leaders of this unethical political party birthed out of violence and blood of innocent Ghanaians cannot hide their shame to make disparaging statements that are inevitably drowned by the sheer brutishness of their appearance.

How can Hanna Bissiw parade herself as a halfman/halfwoman with the pubic hair on her chest like the bush fence of a national border tucked in a valley between two limp hills haphazardly undulating?

How can Peter Otokunor stand between women posed for a picture as if he was going to taste them with his protruding teeth like a monster baby with sharp teeth? Ah!!! Given all the money that was stolen by NDC and the cohorts, couldn’t he fix his beastly canines? And couldn’t Hanna Bissiw clear her pubic hair with a 50pesewa razor if she didn’t want to undergo permanent laser hair-removal therapy? Chai, Ghanaians are scandalised!And Nana Oye (Lithur) trying to show her milestone achievement by throwing a kick that split her tights in two; Oh my GOD, what a nightmare!

But really what was the demo about? I was told it was to protest the use of force at the just-ended West-Wuogon by-elections? That is preposterous! The Azorka boys who started it all by kicking the ballot boxes, which created the situation were also in the demo! There is an old Arab adage that says, “He beat me and cried (as if I beat him), and he got to report me first (as if I was the offender)”. Holy goodness, the events of the by-election and the Agbewon Demo are a manifestation of this adage.

Shortly after the botched mayhem of the NDC, the wormy Valerie Sawyer wrote a nasty article complaining that the nation was being slain! Sometimes, I find it rather ironic that someone who was said to have wanted to kill her husband by poisoning him, would complain about a plot gone wrong at the by-elections that was staged by her own party, and probably with her knowledge too. NDC’s women are flatulently flagitious, and its men are ridiculously ludicrous. Just look at a picture of a gathering of NDC fools and you will notice that they are sub-standard human beings!

I swear the only bite that could be more rabid than Suarez's bite is the Otokunnor Bite (OB special), and the only place hairier than an Australian aborigine's pubic hair is Hanna Bisiw's chest hair (bobby brush).

Chai, I would be scandalised and terrified to have these beasts around me. NDC fo) y3 tan tan #Abeyefo

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi
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