Postpone referendum now – Kennedy Agyapong warns

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Mon, 25 Nov 2019 Source: mynewsgh.com

Member of Parliament for Assin Central who also doubles as Chairman of the Local Government Committee in Parliament, Hon Kennedy Agyapong has advised the Akufo-Addo government to postpone the upcoming referendum to avoid disgrace, MyNewsGh.com has filed.

According to him, if the Akufo-Addo government were to take his advice on the upcoming referendum scheduled for December 17th, it should be postponed to February 2020 to avert what he calls a possible “disgrace” due to what he said is “the lack of time to push “YES” campaign.

In his view, the fully supports the ‘Yes’ campaign and the ‘Yes’ message is sinking into people’s head but the “education has not gone down well enough” coupled with the lack of time.

In a Net2 TV Dialogue interview transcribed by MyNewsGh.com, Kennedy Agyapong said in Twi that the opposition NDC went for a meeting and decided to pick the ‘No’ side of the referendum I order to test their popularity as against NPP’s.

Kennedy Agyapong says “the technicalities in the no vote makes it dangerous” advising government to possibly make more time for the public education.

“The NDC went for a meeting and decided to kick against it. They want to test their own popularity and Akufo-Addo’s. Akufo-Addo is chopping success so they know that if we go to the referendum they could lose. So the NDC decided to kick against it. When I went to the ground I realize that if we do more education, the yes will win.” Kennedy Agyapong said on Net2 TV’s the Dialogue.

Going round the country, the NPP MP said, “the people understood my explanation for yes but we need more time to do more education. If we are patient and push the education, the yes will win hands down”, he added.

Postpone to February 2020

Kennedy Agyapong said while he busily campaigning for Yes vote as at now, he hopes there is more time to campaign warning that it is important for the government to take steps to avoid the disgrace that could come.

“One other thing I want the president and the local government minister and party elders to know is that instead of letting the disgrace come to government, we must rather let money take all the disgrace… If I am the president and I listen to the surveys and comments, it is positive if there is time. Now it is 50-50 because there is no time. If they will listen to me, we should take it to February 2020 then we begin the campaign from now. They will see the results!” he said.

“We must isolate the referendum from the Assembly elections,” he added.

Kennedy Agyapong’s comment comes after a minister of State at the Office of the President Dr Kweku Afriyie joined calls for the upcoming referendum to be postponed.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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