President Akufo-Addo must be punished for breaking the law or apologise to Ghanaians

Mahama New Mood.jpeg Godwin Mahama is a member of the communications team of the NDC

Wed, 9 Jun 2021 Source: Godwin Mahama

Going through the constitutional instrument that imposes some restrictions on us as citizens, there are all indications that the government of the day has gone contrary to the instrument at the recently held funeral of the late Sir John and therefore must be sanctioned.

If the president cannot be sued as stated in article 57 clause 5 of the constitution whiles in office, and as we all admit the president of the republic has broken the law that took its powers from the constitution of Ghana, then he has gone contrary to the oath of allegiance and presidential oath in article 57 clause 3 of the 1992 constitution in the second schedule as required.

All powers were drawn from the 1992 constitution to allow for the imposition bill and the president has broken it and must give himself out as the presidential oath requires in paragraph 2.

Second schedule paragraph 2 of the presidential oath reads "I further (solemnly swear) (solemnly affirm) that should I at any time break this oath of office I shall submit myself to the laws of the Republic of Ghana and suffer the penalty for it. (So help me God.)"

Columnist: Godwin Mahama