Private sector is better managed than public sector

Private Sector1 The writer says it will be extremely difficult for anyone living in Africa to transform Ghana

Thu, 26 Aug 2021 Source: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large

I must say that effectively private sector is better managed than the public sector. This is because there is a shorter procedure to discipline workers in the private sector, as compared to the public sector.

From my experience, I can say that the African way of managing human resources is quite questionable. I am not pointing out that African leaders lack the knowledge and skills to manage our human resources properly, I am only trying to question the attitude in their management skills.

In fact, the Africans way of valuing some people to be more important than others is totally wrong and unacceptable. Once you do not fall into their "valuable" category you are not that recognized and to them, all your views are not fit for a purpose.

From this, in my opinion, it will be extremely difficult for anyone living in Africa, for that matter Ghana, for a long time to be able to bring any meaningful transformation to Ghana.

From their good treatment to me even after the elections, I drew many different views between them and our African leaders.

It was on this note that I realized that for anyone to be able to bring a meaningful transformation to Ghana, such person must be someone who has accustomed himself to such politicians in advanced countries like UK, Canada, America, etc environment and be actively involved as well as following Ghana's politics. He must not live in Africa for too long a time to get power.

In that case, he will be able to use his knowledge, skills, and experience to make such a transformation the country and the people deserve.

It is on this note that I believe that UGCC is the best political party at the moment to meet such requirements to transform Ghana far better than what we have been witnessing every day since 1952.

This is to mean that there must be a first leader to change the mentality and attitude of our human management skills and all other leaders who will continue shall follow the trend for a successful and happy Ghana

That is to say that the transformation needs a different approach from what we already know.

Columnist: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large