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Probe the recurring bye-election brouhaha

Calls for investigations into the Ayawaso West Wuogon brouhaha at the residence of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate, continue to resonate across the country with a high pitch. And why not; given the distorted presentations by persons who want their narratives to prevail?

Under such circumstances, only a probe would unravel the truth and not the mendacious stories being disseminated by sometimes persons who could have partaken in the bedlam and previous bye-elections.

Such veterans of Atiwa, Talensi and Chereponi, must allow a probe to establish the truth and not their jaundiced inclinations.

We are constrained to add our voice to the calls because of the danger posed when impunity is allowed to fester. Indeed such an investigation would put paid to the uninformed conclusions by some persons in society.

It is in the interest of the nation that when such incidents occur, people do not pass judgments the way we are witnessing in the aftermath of the unfortunate development.

We wish to remind ourselves about the fact that of the bye-elections held in this country, all but the last Thursday’s, have been punctuated with a large dose of violence.

The isolated incident which was recorded in Ayawaso West Wuogon was, we would point out for the umpteenth time, restricted to a particular location and nowhere near a polling station. Whereas the previous bye-elections were fraught with machinated violence in a manner which affected the polling stations in the constituencies, the electoral area under review was a different kettle of fish.

We have observed a litany of tendentious and warped opinions intended to tarnish the integrity of the polls; all of which cannot stand the test of truthfulness.

The equalization game which some are incorporating into their game plan do not make sense at all. Weak premises would result in unsound conclusions as we are seeing glaringly. Nobody, we think, is against a probe as being demanded by many well-placed Ghanaians.

Yesterday, venerable lawyer and Member of the Council Of State, Sam Okudzeto, while speaking to a radio station did not shy away from a probe. He supported it as a means of determining the truth and dealing with the fault line just so it does not recur in the future. With such violence now characterizing bye-elections in the country, those demanding a probe could not have been on a better tangent.

As a nation, such anomalies when they recur, the past fraught with similar occurrences, they must be addressed through a comprehensive investigation.

Until then, the uninformed suggestions presented as facts by persons with vested interests in what happened must cease their ranting.

We have persons with the skills to undertake such a task; the outcome of which should be bereft of the suspicions which will end up robbing them of the needed deference.

Such a probe should juxtapose the recent occurrence against the previous ones. The right perspective would be attained for an informed outcome.

Columnist: dailyguidenetwork.com
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