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Problems with placement: What did Ghanaians expect from free SHS?

I don't think there is any problem with the Free SHS program.

Honestly, what did Ghanaians expect? That when a service is free in Ghana, usually it is better than a paid service? Oh please. This is what we get for wanting everything for free.

This is just the beginning, if the placement is a problem, then you definitely don't want to see how the feeding will be. Hahahaaaaaaaa.

The sick bays in the schools should be on standby. I can already see the quality of food to be dished out at the various dining halls. Maintenance works at the schools will be great looking at how government delays in disbursing funds.

The average and poor citizens have just succeeded in trapping themselves by calling for this cheap option. Sadly, they have forgotten that when you are receiving something for free you lose some of your bargaining and customer power.


Yes you can complain and make noise, but observers will quickly respond and remind you of the fact that the service is free.

The government just gained the opportunity to hide behind the new system to cover up the incompetence of the education managers.

The secondary system has been a middle point and a finishing point for some Ghanaians. Today more people have the secondary education as their final point and many more acquire skills and knowledge at the secondary level to move on and follow the ladder.

For those who need the secondary certificate as their final destination, I believe they are doomed because of what they are likely to face in the coming days.

They will likely go home with a half-baked certificate. For those who wanted to continue, they may have to rewrite for about three or more times.

Errrrrm, come to talk about the rewrite, are the parents aware that they will end up paying again?

Well, my views are not sacrosanct. You may have better hopes and I won't stand against them.

But it is very likely that 'Flight Free SHS' will fly through some turbulence and may crush. Safe flight though.

Columnist: Myjoyonline.com
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