Prof. Gyampo’s pick-up line you can use to ‘toast’ a woman

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Tue, 8 Oct 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Drained all your pick-up lines in an attempt to toast a girl? Well, help is finally here.

Professor Gyampo, a respected University of Ghana lecturer and social commentator, may at the moment be battling to save his hard-earned reputation after he was implicated in the latest documentary dubbed ‘Sex for Grades”.

In all the seriousness of the documentary and the need to curb the menace of exploitation by people in authority, lies the antidote to men who have weak pick-up lines for the opposite sex.

Gyampo demonstrated in the documentary that his dexterity traverses beyond academia. His pick-up lines on an undercover reporter posing as a female student were loaded with intense passion.

A relentless Ransford Gyampo in the documentary was seen asking the “student” to wear high heels to his office because that is what turns him on. At another point in the documentary, Prof. Gyampo called the journalist (Abigail) with a seductive voice teasing her of always being formal around him.

The outspoken social commentator asked the lady why she is being “hard to get” because she is caring and every unmarried man would want a woman like her.

Subsequently asking if he could visit the lady at her house, Gyampo, started his toasting by saying, “Prepare your mind because I will be coming soon.”

After the journalist persuaded Gyampo to meet him at the mall and later go to a house in the evening, he said to the lady, “I told you I am buying two shoes for you so let me do it. One for school and one for an outing.

“Have you ever been kissed violently before? Stop pushing yourself away because you are going to be my wife. Sleep and grow fat for me, so that when I hold you it wouldn’t be as if I am hurting you as my wedded wife.”

“Pick up the phone and tell mummy that someone said he wants to marry you after school. He will push you to do your national service and master’s degree.”

“I will grab you and kiss you here and by the time I will release you, you will see all the shyness will be gone. It is rumoured the high school you attended the girls there like men with big manhood, don’t go following this young high school students fidgeting with your breast.”

“They will be pressing, squeezing your breast. Are we in the argument that you will be my girlfriend till we are ready to marry? And we are doing this? Don’t be shy if you don’t want this. I am not pressurizing you; I just want you and it is my duty to be bold enough to tell you.” After the date at the mall ended, Gyampo asked her “Can you hug me before you go”?

Prof. Gyampo has denied proposing any amorous relationship to the lady, threatening to sue the BBC.

“I will sue BBC, they must sit up otherwise they are as useless as any other media house that has lost its course,” he said on Joy FM. “She’s not my student, I have not touched her, I have not slept with her so this issue of sexual harassment is dead on arrival,” Prof. Gyampo argued.

BBC Africa’s latest documentary which reveals how lecturers in Universities in West Africa demand sex from their students to offer them undeserved good grades appears to be generating controversy.

Watch the BBC documentary below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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