Opinions Wed, 21 Feb 2018

Prophets of doom and apostates of Hell

There was a long queue in waiting. The door to the inner room was guarded by two well-built men in suits. At the entrance of the room, was a box whose rectangular opening could barely allow a minuscule of a finger in. Prophet Ndoo was in the inner room. Those who wanted to see him must first slip in the box, a gate fee of GH¢200 before they were ushered in by one of the men on guard.

The clients who had come to visit Prophet Ndoo had different ambitions; people longing for power and control, and desperate men and women wishing for wives and husbands. There were few others who came to look into the mirror of life. Prophet Ndoo, it was told, had a mirror of life in his inner chambers.

With it, he could foretell all the evil things that were to happen. The giant mirror which stood between the cross of Christ and the Bible of Salvation was encircled with candles of varied colours. Only the affluent could afford a peep of the mirror.

Nobody knows how Prophet Ndoo came to have so many followers and churches. His wealth was immeasurable. Many were shocked to hear on national television that he was worth £300million pounds. When the rating list came out Prophet Ndoo organized a press statement and furiously declared that he was worth twice the amount mentioned. He continued by giving clear evidence that supported his claim.

Prophet Ndoo is feared by many. Even though it was the wish of many that Prophet Ndoo never publicly prophesy their death or doom, others consulted him to know their fate.

His mirror of life as many had mentioned could tell what was in wait for anybody. The affluent consulted it before they embark on any journey and those seeking for positions or wished to know the outcome of an event even before it took place consulted it.

As the sullen faces waited in anxiety for their turn to see mighty Ndoo, a fat potbellied man drove into the yard in a range rover. He was accompanied by four policemen. The guards welcomed him with smiles as soon as they spotted him. To the displeasure of those who have been waiting since dawn, he was immediately ushered in.

Awiah as was called, told Prophet Ndoo the reason he had come. There had been an unhealthy relationship between his member of parliament and himself. He had dreamt the previous night that he had died for which reason he had come to visit the mirror of life.

Prophet Ndoo with gleeful eyes asked that he deposit the amount charged for a glimpse of the mirror of life. Awiah was taken into the secret chamber after he had dropped GH¢50, 000.

What terrible news the mirror had revealed. Awiah was asked to fast for thirty-days to avert the calamity that was to befall him. Aside that, he was to buy some materials for some fortification and recite the whole psalm twice a day; dawn and late evening.

The ritual accoutrements, Awiah could buy but reciting the whole psalm twice a day, and fasting for thirty days was a tedious task to do. He pleaded with Prophet Ndoo for alternatives. Prophet Ndoo in a falsified and exaggerated worry, paced down the room. His long soutane sweeping the ground as he moved. “Well”, said Prophet Ndoo, “I could fast and recite the psalms for you... but this will come at an additional cost of GH¢50, 000”.

The amount was quickly paid and Awiah left the room excited. He could go back to his old ways of extorting from the vulnerable and using foul language for if Prophet Ndoo wills it God on whose authority Prophet Ndoo prophesizes wills it too.

Prophet Ndoo had many secrets. He had a list of all the affluent people. He scouts for them on many mediums. This has never been difficult since most of the people flaunt their wealth openly in the new media; facebook, Twitter and online news portals and other channels.

Quickly as some of them are not divinely protected, Prophet Ndoo profiles them in his mirror. When he finds the odds he makes a public announcement of it. There are some he orchestrate himself. There are a few times Prophet Ndoo had to make a false pronouncement and the affluent fearing for their lives would run to him for protection.

In the same land of Prophet Ndoo, lived a true Prophet by name Nathan Asante Weguri Edem. Unlike Prophet Ndoo, those of whom he sees their doom, he contacted them privately and leads them to a true reparation that would wash them clean of their sins. He warns the evil doers of their doom and takes nothing as seed money or special anointing. Prophet Nathan Asante Weguri Edem’s voice is hardly heard because what he preached does not sate the worldly desires of the souls of many.

And so, a thieving Prophet of an Ndoo with his grand schemes and through some metaphysical forces, continues to create fear and panic through some public pronouncements of disasters. Those who wields it in their hands to make illegitimate Ndoo’s public prophesies of doom are either his clients or fear they would be visited by the wrath of God. For the anointed should not be touched.!!!!
Columnist: Joseph Aketema