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Quotes by Nana Addo during Starr FM Interview with Bola Ray

1. We will reinstate the allowances of training colleges when we are back in power- Nana Addo

2. Anytime Mahama mocks any of my policies, he later goes back and implement them- Nana Addo

3. I was responsible for bringing DHL into Ghana-nana addo

4. I was responsible for bringing the first mobile company into Ghana, previously known as mobitel but now called tigo- Nana Addo

5. All die be die and yen akanfuo statement, I regret saying them- Nana Addo

6. I went to a siato school, it was called government boys- nana addo

7. Dr. Bawumia is Honest and Intelligent-Nana Addo

8. Bitterness is a waste of emotions - Nana Addo

9. I support kotoko and real Madrid- Nana Addo

10. I know that things are difficult in the country, but let's hold on to our hopes, we should not be too despondent and wait for ballot box and the thumb to effect change in 2016-Nana Addo

11. "What is important is that we find a way of funding free SHS- nana addo

12. when you talk of SADA, the real tragedy of SADA is that it's under the leadership of a man from Northern Ghana-Nana Addo

13. "My father always had time for us and talked to us as if we were adults and expected us to behave like one."- Nana Addo

14. "My all time contemporary hi-life artiste is Daddy Lumba but for me, metie obiaa".....Nana Addo.

15. The Arrogance tag is a caricature of myself being played by my political opponents- Nana Addo

16. Dr. Afari Djan was my room mate in legon hall main- nana addo

17. I trust Nana Addo- Ex-president Kuffour

May God be praised always

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

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Columnist: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa