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RE- Beginning of vindication

RE- Beginning of vindication of Justice Ali

My brothers and sisters, I wish to express my profound thanks and gratitude to Mr. Hakeem Umar Tonia and Mr. Bawa Ibn Alidu Batong. I'm highly grateful and indebted to you guys for your ability to write and vindicate me by my choice of dictions used previously in my writings. To Bawa Ibn Alidu Batong I plead you to always take your precious time and go through your writings before you post them. May almighty Allah give you the ability to always come out to write when necessary.

My brothers and sisters, I would like to use this opportunity to once again put up a write -up if not I wouldn't have because I'm on break. In politics, incompetence, immaturity, injustice, propagate of information and barbaric attitude of an MP is never a handicap but affront intellectualism to the constituents for casting their votes for him or her to represent them in the august house.

Two things are infinite: the universe and human leadership incompetence; and I'm not sure about the universe. Those of us who are consistent and occasionally do criticised our incompetent leaders are seen as enemies by the loyalists, leaders conceded it to be. In fact Gbentie Sulemana Alijata cares about only one thing "Propagate Paperwork". She always forget almost anything else - cost overruns, gross incompetence, criminal indictments - as long as the "Propagate Paperwork's" filled out properly and well communicated to us by her P.R.O Gentie Sulemana Nabadei in and on time. It will be an affront to intellectualism for Young Democrats and Constituents to have believed in her propagated paperwork. The problem with incompetence is her inability to recognize it herself.

Almost all the MP's, Sissala East produced, it’s like she is competing to be the most incompetent. Well, guess what? She is a winner to me. And by winner I mean loser. The most dangerous irony is that, people are angry with others because of their own incompetence. She is not fit for this office and never should have been there. I wish to congratulate Alijata Sulemana for exposing her immaturity and incompetence by saying “how can I tell such a lie? There are documents about the project at Assembly and you can check that yourself. Whatever you people want to do, you can go ahead I don’t care "( Latif Mahama/citifmonline.com/Ghana ). This was what the PM said Mr. Alex Bapulah described the assertion by the Gbentie Sulemana Alijata as misleading ( Latif Mahama/citifmonline.com/Ghana ). I plead with her to kindly stop misleading the constituents about her non-existing achievements. I think honestly, I’m vindicated by my choice of dictions used to describe her.

However, I write to challenge Alijata Sulemana, to let us know the names of schools and the number of BECE JHS Pupils she claimed their registration fees were paid by her. To the best of my knowledge the BECE JHS pupils registration fees were paid by the government. Government has committed more than 14 million Ghana cedis as subsidy for the 2013 BECE which affects all students both public and private schools across the country. The approved registration fee by government is 50 Ghana cedis per candidate in both public and private school .Out of the amount, government Paid 35 Ghana cedis per candidate as subsidy while parents paid 15 Ghana cedis .Speaking on Peace Fm in Accra on Thursday, December 5, 2013 the minister of education Prof. Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang noted that the government is committed to improving education. In the country hence the annual subsidy on registration fees among other very strategic social interventions to make education affordable to all Ghanaians. I will like to put this to any other person, the executives of Young Democrats and concerned constituents, if they are in doubt about my take concerning the payment of the BECE registration fees by the government and not Gbentie Suleman Alijata, they should investigate or challenge Gbentie Suleman Alijata to publicly let the constituents know the name of schools and the number of JHS pupils she paid their BECE registration fees for. As posterity will cometh to judge us all, I plead with you all let’s give time a chance I will be vindicated with all my write-ups and advocacy for development in our land.

Written by: Mr. Justice Ali.
Columnist: Ali, Justice